How We Work, Our Software Company Culture and Methodology

Fully devoted to the project all the time

The secret to success is the balance between enjoying what you do and taking the responsibility to do it in the most adept way. We do have people on 24/7 support, but even our developers would often respond to business e-mails after working hours, striving to reach the best version of your software platform. Not because they are told so, but because they care. This is so due to the fact that we hire only highly educated software developers and then provide the necessary environment for them to reveal their true potential.

Agile Software Development

All of our teams follow Scrum methodology, which has proven to give great results and also keep all the project stakeholders in sync. Scrum allows you to be flexible in your requirements and have the software deliver in iterative steps. No matter if you are in Europe or America, everyone can take part in the daily standup or have a closer look in the Jira backlog.

All the team is aligned

We start our week with a regular breakfast at the office before working hours. During this time we discuss the new challenges that we are excited to face during the new week and get our software development team aligned. We believe that company culture and communication are really important in order to have the motivation to meet every requirement of our clients. That is why we organize internal company events on which different teams present their experience and share ideas with the others on how to improve their current project. We share, we give, we achieve - together.

Teamwork - resolve challenges with colleagues

Having regular knowledge sharing sessions, code reviews and daily standups means all the team members are well aligned and no one needs to reinvent the wheel when it comes to implementing a similar feature to an already existing ones. You can count on shared knowledge and expertise from the rest of our teams working over other projects.

Regular calls and meetings - fast reaction time

One of our top priorities is quick reaction time and accessibility. We really want to be your extended team, so apart from the regular daily/weekly meetings, you can be sure that each of the team members is one phone call, skype call or email away.

Demos - stable demo environment

Many projects depend on the buy in of all the stakeholders. So what is better than showing the progress and successfully implemented features than presenting a demo with test or real data. Having stable test, staging and demo environment is a crucial part of the process when going to production.

QA and Testing

Testing and validation process is always part of the development. For us it is a must to have a dedicated tester, creating test scenarios, catching regressions and producing automated integration, unit and UI tests.

Code is always accessible - Git/SVN

When outsourcing a software project, by default both the delivered code and intellectual property are private property of the client. As such, we keep them accessible and in the same time secured in Git, SVN or Bitbucket.

Continuous Integration, Automated Deployment and Provisioning - Go fast in production

We are true believers in the DevOps approach and we automate all major parts of the release process. You can count on fast build-deploy via continuous integration tools like Jenkins. Additionally we provide efficient provisioning of the whole stack by using technologies like Ansible and Heat. This has been proven to bring the efficiency both during development and in production.

Keep the motivation of the team

At the end of the day we believe that motivation is the road to success. Through many team-building activities and events after working hours, we keep our team positive and ready for new accomplishments. Our team isn’t always on standby, due to someone’s demands. We do it because we love what we do and the clients’ success is our success. Football tournaments, board-game nights and Java book clubs are just some of the things we do at our Dreamix Community! You can be a part of us, too!