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Healthcare is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. Adapting to a fast-paced environment and scaling via secure and innovative solutions is more important than ever. At Dreamix we build products that capture significant market share, scale to millions of users, and comply with HIPAA and security standards. We have successfully onboarded a dozen customers committed to this journey. We can help you too to identify opportunities, improve efficiency and raise millions of funding via our end-to-end software development tailored to your healthcare product.

Iterative agile process

What We’re Best Known For

Elegant, custom product and software solutions delivered on time and at the required quality.

We have developed some of the world's most innovative patient-facing and digital supply chain applications for the healthcare industry:

Communication Platforms

Streamline communication between healthcare companies and doctors, stimulate market research and remove barriers to sharing drug information

Drug Rollout Digitalization

Accelerate drug development & medical R&D up to the point of their release & advertising

Telemedicine Platforms

Facilitate accurate remote diagnoses & treatment via telecommunications technology

Big Data & AI

Refine healthcare predictions via behavioural data analytics

Compliance & Security

Align with relevant regulations and international standards - HIPAA, GDPR, OWASP Security, NIST, COBIT 5

Custom Healthcare ERP

Automate key processes such as drug delivery and transportation in accordance with healthcare managers’ requirements and patients’ needs


Digital Healthcare: 6 areas that need a reliable IT partner


Within six months, Dreamix managed to add a new mainframe environment for the solution, and they even suggested improvements to the product and dev processes. Their technical ability has also inspired confidence in the partnership.

Samed Yalniz, Venture Developer, FoundersLane

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Dreamix offers reliable, speedy, and scalable delivery. We design and implement patient-facing products featuring data analytics, AI and Machine Learning. We provide resilient solutions which meet international standards for information security.

What we did for StoryMD

You know StoryMD as one of the world’s largest digital repositories of vetted, scientific medical information in the world. It contains 5,000 health and wellness topics and 35,000 articles, and it was more than ready for a major shakeup. Dreamix overhauled StoryMD with a custom platform outfitted with a modern CMS, a health journal, new communities and a personal health record (PHR). The end result speaks for itself.


Best Development Practises


How to choose the right IT partner?

“If you are looking for a long-term innovation project, you need to trust your IT partner.” Valeriya Kozareva, head of Business Development and Strategic Partnership, breaks down the components integral to a productive partnership built on unshakable trust in this short video.

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