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We help companies from the healthcare domain scale by delivering excellent software solutions and consultancy.

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Choose Dreamix for your custom healthcare software development project

The global healthcare software development market is expected to grow from $16.7 billion in 2020 to $31.3 billion by 2025. 

Healthcare is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. Adapting to a fast-paced environment and scaling via secure and innovative solutions is more important than ever. 

At Dreamix, we build products that capture significant market share, scale to millions of users, and comply with HIPAA and security standards. We have successfully onboarded a dozen customers committed to this journey. We can help you too to provide better care to patients, optimize workflow and drive growth via our end-to-end software development tailored to your healthcare product

Custom healthcare software development services we are best known for

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Dreamix offers reliable, speedy, and scalable delivery. We design and implement resilient patient-facing products featuring data analytics, AI and Machine Learning which meet international standards for information security.

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Communication platforms

Streamline communication between healthcare companies and doctors, stimulate market research and remove barriers to sharing drug information.

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Drug rollout digitalization

Accelerate drug development & medical R&D up to the point of their release & advertising.

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Big data & AI

Refine healthcare predictions via behavioural data analytics.

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Telemedicine platforms

Facilitate accurate remote diagnoses & treatment via telecommunications technology.

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Compliance & security

Align with relevant regulations and international standards – HIPAA, GDPR, OWASP Security, NIST, COBIT 5.

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Custom healthcare ERP, EHR, CRM

Automate key processes such as drug delivery and transportation in accordance with healthcare managers’ requirements and patients’ needs

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It feels like we are a part of your own organization

Our domain knowledge in custom healthcare software development helps our dedicated teams to start delivering within weeks.

Expert healthcare knowledge

Our designated product owner with domain expertise in healthcare will provide valuable guidance throughout the development process, ensuring your healthcare software solution is ready to meet the demands of the industry.

Cutting-edge tech solutions

We don’t just rely on our dedicated team’s expertise but also utilize the best practices throughout our company to provide the most innovative and effective solutions for your business needs.

Long-term partnerships

Our commitment to helping our partners achieve success is reflected in our long-term partnerships, with a high retention rate and a focus on growth and success.

Streamlined onboarding

Our proven onboarding process is designed to minimize time waste and increase productivity, allowing you to quickly start utilizing the healthcare solution.


Our team is well-versed in adapting to changing healthcare requirements, quickly addressing any issues and keeping you informed throughout the process.

Proactive approach

We take a proactive approach to identify and address issues and propose effective solutions to meet your specific healthcare business needs.

Open communication

We value open communication and are committed to keeping you informed throughout the development process. We are responsive to feedback and always available to address your concerns.

Ownership of tasks

Our teams can manage themselves while keeping you updated. Let us know what needs doing, then rest assured you can focus on other tasks that require your attention while we take care of it. 

Our iterative agile process


Define your product


Build the team & architecture


Develop the code


Test and QA




DevOps and Live Support

Choosing a custom or a ready-to-use healthcare ERP

ERPs are highly complicated platforms that need to fulfill the needs of many departments and possibly fit with existing software simultaneously. When choosing a healthcare ERP system, most organizations look for functionality, full-suite integration and cloud technology. However, the ever-changing government regulations force healthcare organizations to start considering “elasticity” as a major factor when selecting an ERP. 

Elasticity refers to built-in compliance features that accommodate the frequently changing state and federal regulations for compliance. This way, healthcare institutions ensure keeping state and federal violations, as well as data breaches and human error at a minimum. 

Another important consideration of healthcare organizations is predictive analytics and AI, whose purpose is to detect factors that may expose patients, staff and organizations at risk. Depending on the budget, size, goals, team expertise and legacy software, healthcare institutions will also have to choose between integrating a ready-to-use solution or building a custom one. Although developing a custom solution may require more time and resources, its benefits justify the means

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Custom software: 

  • give you better control 
  • have more business value as it’s easier to scale 
  • can be integrated with existing software and adapted to your specific needs. 

You need a custom healthcare ERP when:

  • your team has to toggle among multiple tools for several different processes 
  • you store important data in more than one place you are concerned with compliance regulations and security 
  • you need to scale 
  • your end customers (patients, clinicians, etc.) are suffering due to cluttered and scattered systems

Event-Driven Architecture is created to respond to events or messages. In this case, components are loosely coupled and communicate through events. It’s a highly scalable architecture type, commonly used for applications that require real-time processing of large amounts of data.

Our team has also assisted several insurance software providers establish their cloud platforms, providing greater scalability and security to their operations. With our expertise and dedication, we can help take your insurance software solutions to the next level.

Choosing the right IT partner for your custom healthcare software development project

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IT companies developing solutions and products for the healthcare industry need to be equally competent in both medical and technology matters. Here’s what you need to focus on when choosing your IT partner:

  • Narrow down your search to field experts with experience in healthcare 
  • Choose a team of critical thinkers, as innovation lies at its core and is based on out-of-the-box thinkers 
  • Make sure you choose a trustworthy team that openly communicates with you on new ideas, challenges, resolutions, etc.

If you are still in doubt how to identify the best IT partner for your needs, we suggest you to keep in mind the following questions:

  • Do they have experience and routine in the adoption of compliance and regulatory frameworks? The healthcare sector is subject to strict EU, US and UK regulations.
  • Do they understand the motivations of all stakeholders involved in the potential new product? For instance, will the telemedicine project be equally convenient to doctors and patients? Does it have enough features to cover all medical needs? Are there enough training and support resources for its smooth adoption and ongoing use? Is it customizable? 
  • Are they flexible? For example, a particular clinic may need a monitoring and self-testing tool for its patients. If another feature is added, however, such as telepharma and prescriptions adjustments, your IT partner must be able to adapt to the specific needs of the products’ stakeholders
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Our approach to custom healthcare software development is to create innovative products that set apart our partners and benefit healthcare professionals, patients and institutions. We always strive to combine technical excellency, proven compliant delivery methodology and a friendly, passion driven culture.

Valeria Kozareva

Healthcare Partnership Manager

- Custom Healthcare Software Development Company

Let’s build your custom healthcare management software and help you move your business forward.