ESG360°: Igniting Sales Growth with an MVP in Just 5 Months

In today’s business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become a vital component of sustainable success. ESG360° is a company that was founded with a singular mission: to enable all organizations to achieve self-sufficiency in ESG practices throughout their entire operations. By helping clients to understand the intricate interplay among environmental (E), social […]

by Theodora Palikarska

August 10, 2023

7 min read

ESG software development scaled 1 - ESG360°: Igniting Sales Growth with an MVP in Just 5 Months

In today’s business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become a vital component of sustainable success. ESG360° is a company that was founded with a singular mission: to enable all organizations to achieve self-sufficiency in ESG practices throughout their entire operations. By helping clients to understand the intricate interplay among environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) issues, ESG360° empowers companies to navigate these complexities, drive strategic decision-making and ultimately increase enterprise value.

ESG360° facilitates the entire ESG journey for its clients. From the seamless collection of scope 3 emissions data through their innovative platform to the automation of comprehensive reports, they empower clients to become self-reliant in data collection and strategic decision-making processes. Moreover, ESG360° goes beyond data collection, enabling clients to understand the financial impact of Net Zero decisions across their value chain. By translating complexity into simplicity, ESG360° allows organizations to focus on taking tangible action and fostering positive change.

A Collaboration Between ESG Experts and Software Innovators

ESG360° was born out of the collaborative efforts of two visionary entities: Top Tier Impact Strategies (TTIS) and Dreamix. TTIS, a globally recognized advisory firm, boasts extensive experience in delivering ESG, impact, and sustainability services to multinational companies, institutional investors, and family offices. Their expertise in ESG risk management forms a solid foundation for ESG360°’s methodologies and practices.

We at Dreamix, on the other hand, are a software company renowned for creating award-winning solutions across diverse industries such as compliance, banking, supply chain, and finance. Leveraging our profound knowledge of enterprise software development, Dreamix played a pivotal role in transforming ESG360°’s vision into a tangible software product.

The collaboration between TTIS and Dreamix brings unparalleled advantages to ESG360° users. By combining TTIS’s reliable methodologies and ESG risk management expertise with Dreamix’s prowess in software development, ESG360° offers a robust and user-friendly platform. The intuitive user interface ensures ease of use, while stringent data governance guarantees full control and ownership of clients’ data. Furthermore, ESG360° adheres to rigorous security standards, including ISO27001, NIST, and COBIT, providing clients with peace of mind and confidence in the protection of their sensitive information.

Together, ESG360° and its partners embody a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and client-centricity. This case study will delve into the remarkable journey of Dreamix’s collaboration with ESG360°, highlighting the strengths and achievements that have propelled both companies toward success in the realm of ESG.

The Challenge 

One of the primary challenges faced by Dreamix and ESG360° was the absence of defined requirements. The founders of ESG360° had a vision for their product but lacked a clear roadmap for its development. They needed a trusted software partner, allowing them to focus on business development and finding clients.

Dreamix stepped in to address this challenge. With no predefined requirements, the collaboration required a thorough exploration of ESG360°’s objectives, target audience, and ESG data management intricacies. Dreamix worked closely with the founders to distill their ideas, gathering requirements and industry knowledge.

The Solution 

MVP Definition and Prototype:

At the initial phase of the project, Dreamix collaborated with ESG360° to define the scope of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and create a Figma prototype. This prototype served as a powerful tool to attract new clients for ESG360° and showcase the product. Remarkably, the prototype itself convinced end customers to adopt the system, resulting in clients even before the actual implementation took place. To ensure a successful implementation, an experienced engineering manager joined the project, overseeing team composition and guiding the project’s processes and architecture.

MVP Implementation Phase:

To kickstart the MVP implementation, Dreamix introduced a senior software engineer to the team. Their initial focus was on setting up the project, establishing the project architecture, and configuring essential components such as the infrastructure in AWS, DevOps pipelines, as well as the backbone projects for both the back-end and front-end. The team expanded further with the addition of a front-end engineer. Together, they diligently worked on introducing the core features of the system based on requirements gathered from the existing clients who expressed interest in the prototype. Throughout this phase, stakeholders and end customers provided significantly positive feedback on the delivered functionality. Despite changes in scope resulting from valuable end-user feedback, the MVP was successfully completed within a span of five months.

After the MVP: Project Scaling and Continued Development

Following the completion of the MVP, the project entered a new phase of development. Several new end customers came on board, leading to an increased demand for the product. To support this growth, Dreamix expanded the team by introducing a Lead Software Engineer and a Product Owner, who took on additional responsibilities related to delivery and ensuring a smooth development process. Additionally, a full-time QA specialist joined the team, establishing stringent quality standards. To enhance the user experience, a part-time UX specialist was also brought on board to define the design of new features.

Delivered Modules:

Throughout the project, Dreamix successfully delivered key modules that empower ESG360° and its users:

  1. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Data Collection: This module enables users to enter data for scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 of the GHG Protocol, facilitating comprehensive emissions tracking.
  2. CO2 Calculation: The CO2 calculation module performs emissions calculations using conversion factors, providing valuable insights into carbon emissions.
  3. Reporting Module: This module offers reporting functionality with diverse dimensions, such as organization departments, countries of operation, and sub-divisions, enabling detailed analysis and reporting.
  4. Data Collection Planning: ESG managers can assign tasks for greenhouse gas data collection, streamlining the process and ensuring accurate data population within the system.
  5. Suppliers Data Collection Planning and Questionnaires: These modules allow ESG managers to send questionnaires to suppliers, facilitating the direct collection of their CO2 emissions related to the organization’s purchases.
  6. Decarbonisation Module: This module empowers users to explore different decarbonisation scenarios and evaluate their impact on the company’s revenue, aiding in strategic decision-making.

Differentiating Factors:

Dreamix distinguishes itself from others through its unique approach and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions:

  1. Solutions-oriented Approach: Dreamix actively engages stakeholders and end customers to gather requirements and feedback, proposing multiple UI design solutions based on their specific needs. By providing estimates of development time for each solution, Dreamix ensures stakeholders have a clear understanding of the value-to-cost ratio.
  2. Close Collaboration: With a Product Owner actively involved in meetings alongside the client, Dreamix fosters direct communication with end customers, allowing for the collection of feedback and requirements on features in real-time.
  3. Proactive Feature Proposals: Dreamix takes a proactive stance in proposing features that enhance the platform’s functionality and user experience. For instance, a user management module was introduced to empower administrators to manage permissions and user invitations autonomously.

The collaborative partnership between Dreamix and ESG360° demonstrates a shared dedication to delivering an innovative, user-centric platform that addresses the unique challenges and requirements of ESG-focused organizations.

Delivering Tangible Results: Achievements and Success Stories

The collaboration between Dreamix and ESG360° has yielded remarkable results, showcasing the strength and impact of their partnership.

It has been a genuine pleasure working with Dreamix as we have developed ESG360. Not only are they responsive, proactive at work at pace but are also an extension or our team and lovely people to work with.

Anj Chadha, CEO of ESG360°

Market Validation and Early Adoption:

The power of the Figma prototype created by Dreamix was evident as the client successfully attracted customers even before the MVP implementation was completed. This early market validation demonstrated the strength of the product concept and its appeal to organizations seeking effective ESG solutions.

MVP Phase Success:

The MVP phase, meticulously executed by the Dreamix team, marked a significant milestone in the project’s journey. The first customer of the ESG360° platform began using it successfully, testifying to the system’s functionality and effectiveness. This early adoption validated the value proposition of the product and its ability to meet the client’s requirements.

Expansion of Customer Base:

The success of the MVP led to the onboarding of several multinational customers, further validating the scalability and adaptability of the ESG360° platform. Dreamix worked closely with these customers to ensure that the system met their unique needs and provided a seamless user experience. The ability to adapt the platform to address the diverse requirements of these customers is a testament to the flexibility and technical expertise of the Dreamix team.

End-to-End Support and Customer Satisfaction:

Dreamix went above and beyond software development, taking on the responsibility of onboarding organizations and users, providing ongoing support, and ensuring seamless integration through single-sign-on integrations and other essential functionalities. This comprehensive approach ensured the happiness of end customers, fostering strong client relationships and driving satisfaction.

In summary, the collaboration between Dreamix and ESG360 has achieved outstanding outcomes. It resulted in the adoption of the ESG360° platform by multiple multinational customers – but it was also about more than that. Both companies share a commitment to creating forward-looking, sustainable solutions. This partnership enabled both parties to achieve exactly that, further empowering organizations in their ESG efforts while establishing themselves as a valuable part of the global ESG landscape.