How we achieved the fastest growth among the 30 largest Bulgarian IT companies

In recent years, Eastern Europe’s popularity as a software development destination has been steadily growing. The region’s IT market currently hosts thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of software developers.  In such a bustling landscape, there’s naturally a lot of competition. is a renowned Bulgarian financial and economic news portal, widely respected for […]

by Dilyan Dimitrov

November 3, 2023

6 min read

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In recent years, Eastern Europe’s popularity as a software development destination has been steadily growing. The region’s IT market currently hosts thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of software developers. 

In such a bustling landscape, there’s naturally a lot of competition. is a renowned Bulgarian financial and economic news portal, widely respected for its unbiased news articles and in-depth market reports. In Bulgaria’s active business and tech environment, Capital releases an annual ranking of its top 100 companies, ranked by revenue. 

Thanks to our rapid growth in the 2022 year, Dreamix has recently earned its place on the list for the first time. In two years, we went from BGN 8 million in revenue to BGN 23.7 million – a threefold increase in a short period of time. That made us the fastest-growing company in the 30 largest companies on the list, and the top 3rd locally owned enterprise on it. To match our financial growth, Dreamix also went from 120 employees in 2021 to 169 at the end of 2022, and 220 as of today. 

As has always been the case with Dreamix, that growth was achieved strictly through internal resources, with no external financing or investments. 

How did Dreamix achieve such rapid growth – and how do we sustain it? It all boils down to The Dreamix Way.  Built around four key pillars, the Dreamix Way is a set of values that we aim to uphold every single day – both in our partnerships and in our dealings with each other. 


What makes a company are the people in it. As such, our people are the most important part of Dreamix. 

We’re very selective about who we hire. We place a high value on both technical and cultural compatibility, and have a rigorous interviewing process to ensure we draw in people who are a match in both aspects. 

Everyone at Dreamix is encouraged to be involved in recruitment and refer people from their network who would be a good fit. The numbers speak for themselves – last year, 60% of our new hires came from referrals. Furthermore, 36% of referral candidates make it through the interview process – as opposed to only 9% of cold recruitment candidates. That goes to show we don’t just preach our cultural values – we live them, and even surround ourselves with people who share similar ones. 

Last but not least, Dreamix consistently invests in the continued development of each and every person working here. In turn, not only does that make us better professionals, but it also makes us personally invested in the company’s growth. 


Our purpose is what drives us. We believe in empowering socially responsible businesses and individuals who make a positive impact – while fostering a culture that encourages collaboration, belonging, and growth. 

As such, we’re very deliberate about who we work with. We partner up with companies with worthy causes that we believe are changing the world for the better. 

We’re also deliberate about fostering a sense of belonging in everyone at Dreamix. Everyone here believes in what they do and does it with a passion. When you build a sense of belonging to something bigger, something meaningful, that inspires a unique kind of attitude. People are passionate about what they do, own their work and approach it proactively and with enthusiasm. 

In the service industry we operate in, working with professionals so devoted to their work makes an enormous difference. 

Operational Excellence

As a company, we strive for excellence through a collaborative approach that focuses both on internal teamwork and external partnership. That approach recently earned us the prestigious Operational Excellence award from the Lean Institute. 

Being so selective with our choice of partners, we aim for long-term collaboration where we deliver real, tangible business value. Our portfolio includes companies that partnered up with us when they were small and starting out. After 10+ years of joint efforts, they’re now leaders in their respective industries, and we’re still working and growing together. 

To achieve that, we build relationships where we get involved on a deeper level than routine task execution. We help our partners develop and implement processes, and participate in strategic decisions – and their execution. For that purpose, our teams are multidisciplinary. In addition to software engineers, we offer the services of product experts, UX/UI designers, and project managers. Our engineers ask the “Why” questions and help you deliver the business value from your project. Our work model is built around delivering services that drive our partners forward.  

Internally, the sky is the limit for anyone at Dreamix. We foster an environment where growth isn’t just possible, it’s encouraged. And we have plenty of examples of meteoric rises throughout the company. Our very CEO came in through a job board for a completely different position many years ago, and is currently one of our largest shareholders. And no less than three of our current partners and C-level executives started as junior engineers. 

And to stay a cohesive team, it’s important for the people who have helped us on this journey to feel appreciated. Every company says the people are its most important asset, but very few act like it. We go to lengths to make everyone here feel the truth of that fact. Every year for the last several years, we’ve been adding a new benefit to thank those who walked this road with us. To date, the list includes things such as additional assistance for large purchases, access to profit-sharing, company options, and shares. 

Giving Back to Society

For all our growth, we’re committed to sharing our success with our community. 

Every year, we donate a fixed percentage of our revenue. The donation’s recipient isn’t decided unilaterally – rather, we have an internal portal where everyone can propose worthy causes. All Dreamix team members get a monthly amount to distribute between causes as they see fit. And if anyone wishes to donate more than that, Dreamix matches the additional amount and doubles it. 

To add, over 40 of our developers teach at various universities or academies. We lead a Java programming course at one of Bulgaria’s leading universities, and many of our team members regularly give lectures in other renowned institutions. It’s important to us that we share our knowledge with those looking to join the industry. 

To that effect, we’re involved in helping the development community. For over 5 years, we’ve been putting out a weekly Java newsletter. We also interview recognized Java Champions on a regular basis, and share the interviews with our audience. Not only does that keep us current on the latest Java developments, but it also lets us build invaluable relationships in the community. Those relationships, in turn, enable us to host an annual Java conference where those same experts come together to cover the important topics of the day. 

Wrap Up

We at Dreamix are, of course, exceptionally proud to have been included in such a reputable ranking. In the custom software development industry, a company’s growth is an indication of the value it brings to its partners. Our commitment to our values has been the cornerstone of our success, and we’re overjoyed that our way of work continues to benefit those who trusted us. We’re confident that we will continue to do so, and excited about the opportunities and achievements the future holds for Dreamix and our partners. 

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