Top 30 Logistics Software Development Companies In 2024

Logistics software has transformed supply chain management, offering enhanced control and optimization. However, the multitude of providers can be daunting. This guide goes through the top logistic software companies for 2024 and offers you some guidance on how to make your choice and gives you insight into the overall tech trends for the industry. Whether […]

by Dilyan Dimitrov

May 9, 2024

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Top 30 logistics software development companies in 2024

Logistics software has transformed supply chain management, offering enhanced control and optimization. However, the multitude of providers can be daunting. This guide goes through the top logistic software companies for 2024 and offers you some guidance on how to make your choice and gives you insight into the overall tech trends for the industry.

Whether you’re a global corporation or a burgeoning startup, this article will help you identify the ideal logistic software solution for your needs.

The Challenges in Front of Logistics Software Development

Logistics is one of the most complicated professional fields due to the sheer number of moving parts, people, and factors involved. A lack of real-time information and tracking of assets, human error, warehouse management, staying on top of maintenance schedules, and figuring out the optimal routes of distribution are just a few of the challenges faced by the industry that can be significantly improved by utilizing custom software.

Defining Your Goals and Needs

While an efficient supply chain is the ultimate goal for any logistics company, each industry and organization face different challenges. One organization may want an extremely lean supply chain focused on minimizing waste while another may need more slack in the system to be prepared for any hiccups.

Whether you’re focused on transportation or warehouse management, want to improve security, or are simply looking to streamline customer interactions will significantly impact your choice of software development partner.

Before you start your search for that logistics software development partner, you should define your requirements and goals. Think about your specific pain points and what functionalities and features are a must for your operations.

Scalability is a major factor to take into consideration. Whatever you choose, whether it’s an off-the-shelf product or custom software, do so with growth and integration in mind. The software you use has to be compatible with your existing systems and be flexible enough to meet future needs as well as current ones. 

Industry-specific needs have to be factored in as well. Look for a partner who is familiar with your industry and can meet its specific demands. For example, transportation software might have features for invoice management, GPS tracking, implementing customer-facing systems, and adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards, to name a few things.

Being clear on these subjects will empower you to make an informed decision and negotiate more effectively with software development professionals.

Logistic Software Development Trends for 2024

Aside from your current needs, it’s important to consider your future needs by examining the major logistics software trends that are most relevant today. For example, automation and robotics are two of the strongest innovation trends for warehouse technology, already heavily implemented by giants such as Amazon and Alibaba. Illumination of human error and greatly increasing labor output are the main driving factors behind this change.

AI and machine learning have already made a huge impact on other industries and transportation is no exception. Algorithm analysis will help transportation companies identify patterns, trends and insights, as well as generate predictions, streamlining operations across the board. TMS options are better than ever. Chatbots are used more and more to cut down on customer handling times and efforts.

Autonomous vehicles and drones are used more and more, as they are cost-efficient and greatly reduce the risk of accidents while being faster than humans.

Security is among the main concerns for supply chains and logistics technology, making blockchain a seductive option for companies. Blockchain technology greatly reduces the risk of data manipulation and the need for manual intervention when it comes to compliance with predefined rules.

IoT is another trend we’ll see more of as it can be incredibly helpful in tracking shipments, pallets, or containers in real-time, minimizing waste and reducing the number of lost inventory.

AR and VR tech has shown immense potential in innovating training programs for employees by allowing them to get “hands-on” experience in a safe environment. This can basically eliminate travel expenses and improve productivity, with the added bonus of reduced CO2 emissions.

Top 30 Logistic Software Development Companies in 2024

With the amount of complex data and a huge number of moving parts involved in any logistic business, be it big or small, the need for logistic software is undeniable. While some smaller operations can make do with off-the-shelf solutions, many companies have specific needs and require bespoke software to streamline and optimize their operations.

The following list of our top 30 picks of logistic software companies aims to make your choice of digital partner easier. Since every company listed has its unique strengths and different logistic companies have different requirements, the list is not organized in any specific way.

1. Dreamix

DREAMIX software company

With extensive experience building custom transportation and logistics software with features like route calculation, TMS, customs management modules, and much more, Dreamix is a trusted partner for transportation businesses of any size. They pride themselves in combining speed with impeccable customer service for industry-leading results.

2. NetSuite ERP

NET-SUITE software company

NetSuite ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) stands out as one of the best logistics software development partners for global companies. With lots of experience in streamlining operations for international logistics, NetSuite ERP offers expertise in inventory tracking, financial management and global integration.

3. eSparkBiz

ESPARKBIZ software company

eSparkBiz is a seasoned software development company with more than a decade of experience in the logistics software industry. Known for strictly adhering to software development standards, eSparkBiz boasts a client retention rate of 95% – a true sign of their excellent service.

4. OpenGeeksLab

OPEN-GEEKS-LAB software company

OpenGeeksLab specializes in creating custom software that can grow with you. Their portfolio includes clients in logistics, healthcare, and e-commerce. They have a strong emphasis on innovation, investing heavily into RnD to stay competitive with their software products.

5. Experion Technologies

EXPERION software company

With expertise in the latest technology, Experion Technologies has a portfolio that boasts more than 120 clients across retail, transportation/supply chain, healthcare, and finance. They delivered result-focused software products that leverage AI, analytics, IoT, and more.

6. Sciant

SCIANT software company

Sciant has 15+ years of experience creating software for logistics, having worked with clients of all sizes – from startups to massive corporations. They offer end-to-end software services for logistics companies, from developing custom solutions to maintenance and support.

7. Intexsoft

INTEXSOFT software company

Intexsoft is a software development company that’s known for utilizing Agile development processes to produce flexible and scalable software. They’re the perfect partner if you’re in an unpredictable field and want software that helps you pivot and adapt quickly.

8. MasterBorn

MASTER-BORN software company

Streamline your operations with this logistics software development company. MasterBorn is focused on Agile/DevOps process enablement, allowing them to work quickly and efficiently.

9. Vog App Developers

VOG software company

As their name suggests, Vog App Developers are focused on designing logistics mobile apps. Their expertise in several sectors allows them to create efficient, user-friendly mobile applications for a variety of clients.

10. Axellero

AXELLERO software company

Axellero is a software development company that offers product design, web development, IOS, and ML services, with loads of experience in supply chain management, transportation management software, and supply chain optimization tools.

11. Clustox

CLUSTOX software company

Clustox is a full-service custom software development company with offices in the US, UK, Middle East, and Australia. They provide top-notch IT consultation, mobile- and app development, web and cloud storage solutions, and work with clients of all sizes.


OPOSSUMUS software company

POSSUMUS is a software development company with lots of experience in creating custom software for the logistics sector. Their team of experts excels in designing user-friendly and streamlined software.

13. SolveQ

SOLVEQ software company

SolveQ is a Polish based software house that provides end-to-end software development services. They specialize in freight forwarding software that helps you streamline your operations.

14. Trinetix

TRINETIX software company

Trinetix offers consulting, data analytics, UI/UX design, mobile аpp development, and other tech services for logistics companies worldwide. They utilize AI tech to make data work for you and help you stay competitive.

15. Etteplan

ETTEPLAN software company

The Finnish Etteplan specializes in optimizing industrial operations by enhancing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), reducing downtime, and efficiently allocating resources across machinery, facilities, and IT/OT systems.

16. Limestone Digital

LIMESTONE-DIGITAL software company

Limestone Digital is a software development company with a team of experienced developers and clients for various demanding industries, including logistics, finance, and e-commerce. They offer a wide range of services that covers the entire software creation cycle, from development to maintenance and support.

17. Apporio Infolabs Pvt. Ltd.

APPORIO software company

Apporio Infolabs Pvt. Ltd. utilizes cutting-edge technology to optimize supply chain management. Their bespoke software solutions help businesses be more efficient and reach their maximum potential.

18. MLSDev

MLSDEV software company

MLSDev is an award-winning software development company with clients such as McDonald’s, Gopuff, and ESPN. Their services cover the full software development cycle and huge US-based team that can accommodate the needs of enterprises of any size.

19. Bac Ha Software

BH-SOFT software company

Bac Ha Software is a leading logistics software development company with a team of experts in custom software development, testing, and documentation. This Vietnamese company offers excellent services at an affordable price smaller businesses would be attracted to.

20. Technoduces Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

TECHNODUCES software company

Technoduces Info Solutions is your one-stop solution to eliminate operational bottlenecks and improve productivity. Their expertise covers logistics management, warehouse management, inventory tracking, and more.


DMABS software company

DMABS is the perfect software development partner for companies looking to solve complex issues. They put special emphasis on the initial get-to-know-you phase and spare no effort in familiarizing themselves with each client’s unique pain points to deliver a custom software solution that works for them.


ELEKS software company

ELEKS’s custom logistics software solutions are designed to optimize your entire order cycle. They offer a wide range of services, including web and mobile app design, cybersecurity, product and service design, and more.

23. Future Processing

FUTURE-PROCESSING software company

Future Processing is an IT outsourcing company with a ton of experience in logistics, more specifically in road freight, public transport, and commercial transportation. Logistics solutions for asset management and supply chain optimization are some of their biggest strengths.

24. Whirr Crew

WHIRR-CREW software company

This software development company prides itself on the flexibility and scalability of their products. Collaborating with their team of experienced professionals is a breeze, as they’re extremely client-focused and have an individual approach to every project.


WEZOM software company

WEZOM is an excellent digital partner for logistics companies looking for software development partners with experience in creating custom transportation management systems (TMS) and fleet management systems.

26. Adexin

ADEXIN software company

Adexin has serviced clients in the US and Europe for more than 12 years and are among the top logistics software development companies. They offer custom software solutions and consulting with a focus on Javascript/Typescript and AWS.

27. Yalantis

YALANTIS software company

Yalantis is a Ukraine-based software development company, known for delivering user-friendly software for businesses of all sizes. While they have experience working with logistics companies, they’ve created custom solutions for a wide range of industries.

28. Sea Custom Software Development

SEA software company

Sea Custom Software Development offers end-to-end software development services to the global maritime trade industry. They’ve developed products for sea freight, procurement services, and integration modules.

29. Trigent Software

TRIGENT software company

Trigent Software excels in developing progressive web and native applications, prioritizing route optimization, logistics, vehicle tracking, and supply chain management solutions.

30. Oranges Software

Established in 2009, Oranges Software offer best-in-class software solutions for transportation and logistics and have a transparent approach to collaboration. They offer mobile and web app development, security assessments, website development, SEO optimization, and more.

Finding the Right Partner

Technological advancements, the ever-shifting regulations requirements and regulations, and changes in consumer behavior and expectations all mean that any logistics company needs to constantly be innovating to stay competitive. Choosing the right logistics software development partner for your niche and needs is crucial for unlocking untapped potential and ultimately succeeding.

Whether you’re looking for someone to jump onto an already existing project, work with you from the very beginning to bring your ideas to life, or a long term partner to take on the IT side of things, so you can focus on your business, this list of the top 30 logistics software development companies should point you in the right direction.

We hope that the tips and recommendations in this article will help you make an informed choice and help you stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology can offer.

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