Top 40 Nearshore Software Outsourcing Companies In 2024

Every year the role software plays in business only increases, with more and more companies turning to custom solutions to meet their growing needs. However, custom software development often brings substantial costs. This has helped drive the growing popularity of nearshore outsourcing, an approach that balances the benefits of in-house development with those of traditional […]

by Dilyan Dimitrov

April 16, 2024

9 min read

Choosing nearshore development company.

Every year the role software plays in business only increases, with more and more companies turning to custom solutions to meet their growing needs. However, custom software development often brings substantial costs.

This has helped drive the growing popularity of nearshore outsourcing, an approach that balances the benefits of in-house development with those of traditional outsourcing.

What Is Nearshore Outsourcing?

While traditional outsourcing usually involves hiring a company in a place like India or China to manufacture a product or provide a service like support or software development, nearshore outsourcing brings this closer to home.

Closer refers both to physical location and closeness of language and working cultures. For example, nearshore outsourcing often relies on companies based in Europe or North America. This provides for some cost savings compared to working with providers within your country while still providing exceptionally high quality service.

What Is a Nearshore Provider?

Nearshore providers are companies which focus on providing outsourcing services to foreign clients. This is often for digital services like software development or IT support, though it can be for other types of work as well.

The Main Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing

Many of the main benefits of nearshore outsourcing revolve around communication and collaboration. Often, these companies will work from places with closer time-zones, increasing the hours during which teams can communicate and collaborate. This physical proximity also makes it easier for members of either team to visit each other if necessary.

In addition, nearshore providers often focus on developing language skills and working cultures that closely match those of their clients. The result is that companies often find these companies easier to work with and integrate into their existing processes and systems.

Of course another primary benefit of nearshore outsourcing is cost. Working from outside expensive cities and countries often enables these providers to offer service that equals their rivals in such locations without sacrificing quality. Always be sure to look at the balance between nearshore and offshoring options to understand how these benefits will apply to your situation.

The 40 Best Nearshore Outsourcing Companies in 2024

All the benefits of nearshore outsourcing always come down to the provider, so which ones should you look to for the best balance of cost, culture, and quality? Here are some you should consider.

Dreamix Logo

1. Dreamix

Specializing in bespoke software development in industries like aviation, transportation, Healthcare, Fintech, RegTech, and ESG, Bulgarian-based Dreamix prides itself on quality. Their experience in everything from web development to big data engineering helps them adapt to all manner of challenges their clients face.

Dreamix Website Header
Softtek Logo

2. Softtek

With a headquarters in Mexico and offices around the world, Softtek can offer nearshoring or offshoring IT services to clients from nearly anywhere, though their focus is on US businesses. In particular, they offer business process outsourcing, application development, DevOps, and SAP application management.

Softek website header

3. Distillery

Based solely in the western hemisphere, Distillery focuses on US-based enterprise clients by providing large-scale IT staff augmentation for all manner of software development projects. By providing scalable cross-functional teams, they pride themselves on integrating within their customers’ projects to provide top-quality services.

Distillery Website Header

4. Future Processing

From their offices throughout Europe, Future Processing focuses on providing nearshore software development services to small and medium-sized businesses in the manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and finance industries. Their technical expertise lies in areas like AI, ML, Cloud, IT security, and even product design. 

Future Processing Website Header

5. 10Pearls

Boasting a global network of offices in the US, Latin America, Europe, South Asia, and the Middle East, 10Pearls serves massive global brands like Coca-Cola and Paypal by providing large-scale nearshore and offshore software development. Specializing in AI, cybersecurity, UX design, and app development, they’re equipped to serve a wide range of clients from nearly any location.

10-PEARLS Website Header

6. Octobot

Another Latin-American nearshore software outsourcing company, Octobot uses expertise in product design, product delivery, QA, SRE, and data engineering to deliver scalable user-oriented software for its clients. 

Octobot Website Header

7. SaM Solutions 

Working from Germany, Latvia, Ukraine, and the Netherlands, SaM Solutions provides nearshore software development services to a range of European clients. Their particular focus is around the IoT, healthcare, automotive, and telecommunications industries.

SaM Solutions  Website Header

8. N-iX 

Malta-based N-iX has helped over 100 clients from its headquarters and offices throughout the EU, US, and Latin America. They offer a wide range of technical expertise from VR and BI to Big Data and DevOPs alongside traditional scaled software development solutions.

NIX Website Header
Vates Logo

9. Vates

With an impressive 3 decades of experience under their belt, Vates serves a diverse customer base of everyone from early-stage startups to well-established enterprises. Specializing in helping those early-stage companies grow, they offer MVP development, testing-as-a-service, software scaling, and many more tailored services.

Vates Website Header

10. InCrys

Boasting more than two decades of experience in IT consulting, software development, and providing dedicated IT teams, InCrys is another example of a seasoned EU-based nearshoring provider. They leverage a tech stack ranging from PHP and Java to IBM DB2 and Cobol to help their clients achieve their business aims.

InCrys Website Header

11. Teravision Technologies

Specializing in providing nearshore software development in the entertainment, wearables, finance and healthcare fields, Teravision Technologies works with a range of clients in the western hemisphere. Their expertise helps their clients with mobile app development, front and back-end development, DevOps, and UX/UI challenges.

Teravision Website Header

12. Qulix Systems

With its extensive talent pool and decades of experience, Qulix Systems is able to serve clients in the banking, finance, healthcare, IoT, and insurance industries by providing high-quality nearshore software development expertise. In that time they have developed dozens of web and mobile applications, online bank systems, and other software tools.

Qulix Website Header

13. Neocoast

Providing both end-to-end software development and team augmentation, Neocoast is another Latin-American based provider with experience in front and back-end development, QA, UI/UI design, and project management leveraging technologies like React Native, and Node.js.

Neocoast Website Header

14. JCommerce by Inetum

This Polish nearshore software development company manages a small but mighty team of around 400 professionals providing services like QA, software development, BI, and Big Data consulting. Their team focuses on the manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and finance sectors.

Inetum Website Header

15. NovaTech

In addition to providing traditional nearshore IT outsourcing solutions, NovaTech also helps its clients streamline business operations to improve performance. Another unique focus is their skills around printing services including maintenance and support.

NovaTech Website Header

16. Sigma Software Group

Working with a wide range of professionals enables Sigma Software Group to offer nearshore software solutions in areas as varied as gaming, transportation, real estate, and telecommunications. From offices in Europe, the US, and Latin America, they’re able to work in a range of time zones to best adapt to their client’s local needs.

Sigma Website Header

17. Profinit

Working from their HQ in Prague, Profinit provides BI development, data science, and custom software development services to a range of nearshore clients. They also boast particular experience in developing online banking and insurance management systems, making them a powerhouse in the Fintech world.

Profinit Website Header

18. Belatrix

Boasting an approach to their clients which emphasizes adaptability above all else, Belatrix is able to serve everyone from small startups to global enterprises using all manner of technologies. This approach allows them to drive value for their clients in sectors ranging from finance to healthcare.

Belatrix Website Header

19. Upnetix JSC

Another Bulgarian-based nearshore software development company, Upnetix JSC is smaller than average but still manages to serve clients in the fintech, e-commerce, telecommunications, and transportation industries. They specialize in full cycle software development and IT consulting.


20. BairesDev

With an eye on providing nearshore software development expertise to their clients on a global scale, BairesDev offers thousands of engineers in a wide variety of time zones. They specialize in using technologies like AI, ML, and big data to provide high-quality mobile app development, UX/UI design, and more.

BAIRES-DEV Website Header

21. Intellectsoft

Based in Europe and the US, Intellectsoft services a diverse client base ranging from early-stage startups to established enterprises. Their work centers around web and mobile applications for Android, Windows, and iOS along with expertise in Blockchain, AR, VR, and IoT.

Intellectsoft Website Header

22. Webtown

Working out of several offices in Central Europe, Webtown has 15 years of experience in technologies like PHP, Liferay, DXP, and Java along with custom software development in industries such as finance, education, energy, and governmental services.

Webtown Website Header

23. Ci&T

From their offices in North America, South America, Australia, East Asia, and Europe, Ci&T offers nearshore and offshore software development at a truly global scale. Leveraging that scale, they generally help large enterprise customers with application modernization, cloud services, data & analytics, and more.

Ci&T Website Header

24. Evozon

Based in the capital of Transylvania, Evozon focuses on providing nearshore software and web development to companies like Henkel and Adobe. They most often work with clients in the telecommunications, e-commerce, and healthcare industries, though they are flexible enough to serve customers in a wide range of fields as well.

Evozon Website Header

25. Gorilla Logic

Aside from its unique name, Gorilla Logic sets itself apart by focusing on using nearshore software development to really tell impactful stories on behalf of their clients. To accomplish this they rely on web and mobile development experience in a wide range of programming languages.

Gorilla Logic Website Header

26. Niji

From its headquarters in the quiet town of Cesson-Sévigné, France, Niji helps all manner of enterprises tackle the challenge of digital transformation. To do this, they provide nearshore software development as well as consulting around digital strategies.

Niji Website Header

27. Admios

With a focus on nearshore software development in the US and Latin America, Admios utilizes teams of designers, engineers, and project managers to craft solutions with technologies like Python, Java, React, Angular, iOS, and more.

Admios Website Header

28. NativApps

Boasting offices in the US and Columbia, NativApps helps companies ranging from small startups to global enterprises execute end-to-end web and mobile software application development. They also offer staff augmentation and CTO as a service.

NativApps Website Header

29. *instinctools

Working primarily out of their headquarters in Stuttgart, *instinctools focuses on servicing mid-sized European businesses in the e-commerce, healthcare, education, and digital media spaces. To do this, they leverage deep expertise in DevOps, Cloud computing, Big Data, blockchain, and application development.

*instinctools Website Header

30. Huenei

Argentina-based Huenei boasts a long track record of providing nearshore software development to everything from augmenting teams to providing dedicated Agile teams for their clients’ projects. Their experience working with major firms like HSBC and Walmart shows a particular aptitude for serving enterprise clients.

Huenei Website Header

31. STX Next

Working from locations in Europe, Latin America, and the US, STX Next uses technologies like Angular, ReactJS, Python, and more to provide nearshore full-stack web application development to its customers.

STX-NEXT Website Header

32. Capgemini

From its offices in Ukraine, Lohika (now Capgemini) serves an impressive portfolio of global companies like Skype, Coinbase, and BuzzFeed. In particular, they provide nearshore software development services to many clients in the manufacturing, automotive, and software industries.

Capgemini Website Header

33. SoftwareMill

Warsaw-based SoftwareMill focuses on providing nearshore outsourcing software development services for mid-sized companies throughout Europe. Specializing in the e-commerce, fintech, energy, and telecommunications industries, they boast expertise in ML, Big Data, blockchain, data analytics, and custom software development.

SoftwareMill Website Header

34. Unosquare

From bases in Europe, North America, and South America, Unosquare, LLC provides application testing, custom software development, and web development to a range of mid-sized clients.

Unosquare Website Header

35. Revelo

Latin-America based Revelo specializes in building fully remote software development teams from the ground up based on their clients’ needs. Thus, instead of managing a smaller dedicated team, they leverage a massive network of candidates they can hire for projects as needed.

Revelo Website Header

36. Apriorit

Working from offices in Poland and Ukraine, Apriorit provides a tailored set of SaaS, data management, project management, QA, DevOps, software development and cloud computing services targeted at startups and cybersecurity companies.

Apriorit  Website Header

37. DB1 Global

Focusing on enterprise-level software development, DB1 Global places particular emphasis on closely integrating with their clients to ensure the end-products meet their needs. To do this, they invest not just in technical excellence but in high-quality project management.

DB1 Global  Website Header

38. Improving

With offices in the US and Mexico, Improving provides everything from training and consulting to recruiting and project development. Among their technology specializations are AI, cloud migration and development, QA, and UI/UX design.

Improving  Website Header


ELEKS uses its offices in Europe, the US, and Japan to provide QA, IoT, consulting, and software development services to a range of nearshore and offshore clients. Their main focus is on retail and financial services.

ELEKS  Website Header

40. Waverley Software

After spending three decades building an impressive global footprint ranging from Southeast Asia and Australia to Europe, the US, and Latin America, Waverley Software now serves clients ranging from small startups to massive global enterprises like Qualcomm and American Express. Their specialties include robotics, fintech, healthcare, and smart home tech.

Waverley Website Header

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nearshore Outsourcing Partner

When choosing from this list, pay particular attention to a few key factors. The first is location. Unlocking the benefits of nearshore outsourcing requires finding a partner in a location near yours, so be sure to check where a particular company has its offices.

Next, you’ll want to look at the technologies, industries, and types of companies a particular partner works with. For example, do they typically work with mid-sized companies or only large enterprises? Do they do mobile app development for Android or just iOS?

Finally, with all of those factors out of the way, you can focus on less tangible factors like culture. Look at how vendors like to structure their work, whether they provide project management or other consulting services alongside technical expertise, etc.

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