Explore Dreamix with Our CTO

Dreamix has always delivered solutions of sophisticated business problems through high quality software.

Our process guarantees solid results throughout the whole software lifecycle, because we:

  • Create robust software architecture and design
  • Push for the best coding standards and conventions
  • Utilize design patterns and code structures as much as possible
  • Always mind about software security
  • Apply automated testing and QA
  • Shorten delivery time with DevOps techniques
  • Distribute the knowledge amongst the team through code reviews and pair programming

Although our core focus is Java based technologies, we are never afraid to utilize a new framework or domain-specific tool.

My role as the CTO of Dreamix is to guarantee the right level of quality and high team productivity. Additionally I am personally putting each new recruit through an intensive interview, that guarantees he has solid software experience, great understanding of core IT principles and passion to keep in sync with the newest technologies.

Angel Gruev - CTO Dreamix