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Incorporate the power of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence in your product with our AI consulting services and machine learning solutions.

AI is changing the world, so don’t get left behind. Whether you already know how you want to implement AI into your business, or need us to explore the possibilities for you, our world-class experts are here to help.
AI development & Machine learning as a service
Data preparation

We are experts in data manipulation, as part of our artificial intelligence services. Whether it is data cleaning, multiple sources integration or sophisticated preprocessing, we can efficiently prepare your data for optimal use.
Natural language processing

Conversational and topic specific bots that let the AI handle the most common requests and cut your customer support budget. Make the interface between your services and the customer more natural and intuitive.

For example, we have worked with CloudCar to implement an in-car personal assistant - processing voice commands and determining the intention of the driver.

Additionally, sentiment analysis and document classification allows you to automatically process large amounts of unstructured text information such as survey results, customer feedback, product reviews or social media posts and news.
Recommender systems

Analyse the behaviour and preferences of your customers so you can offer them the options that will fit them best.
Computer vision

Convolutional networks for object recognition and tracking.

For example, we have worked with Powerdrone to automatically processing drone collected images and identify specific features in them.
Deep learning

Sophisticated deep models for processing data points with thousands of features to discover non-trivial relationships and patterns.

For instance, Dreamix has implemented complex, multidimensional analyses for predicting risks in insurance business as part of our machine learning consulting services.
Predictive analytics

To allow you to see where the important numbers are going by using all the data you already have and state of the art ML techniques. With predictive analytics, you can improve your capacity planning, supply chain management while optimizing business processes and customer satisfaction.
Machine learning at scale

Extract maximum value from your big data by utilising tools like Spark MLlib and cloud based ML and infrastructure offerings from major providers like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.
Securing ML/AI models against adversarial attacks

If your AI-based solution is handling important tasks in the real world, and not in your safe ecosystem, it is critical to make sure it is protected. We apply the latest techniques in adversarial machine learning to verify and secure your models to protect against compromises and manipulations from outside sources that may threaten your data.
Why choose us as your Artificial Intelligence Outsourcing & Machine Learning Solutions Company
Dreamix is a software development company with more than 12 years of successful projects. We provide quality end-to-end software product development services following the highest enterprise standards, with even higher devotion. With 97% retention rate we have been recognized as a reliable partner from enterprises, institutions and startups.
Stability, quality and security are guaranteed in a partnership as we only take part in projects that are in our field of proficiency where we can provide the most effective solutions. Additionally, the deep expertise of our developers helps us provide services that are classified beyond technology and makes us a smart choice when picking an artificial intelligence outsourcing partner.

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