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Business Process Management Software Solutions

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Expertise in Business Process Management Software Implementation

Many companies have benefited from implementing business process management (BPM) software solutions for their organization.

One major benefit of BPM is that this type of solution delivers a digital representation of your existing company processes. Unlike predefined software, implementing a business process management software solution in your company guarantees that the solution will be tailored to your needs, rather than your employees having to adapt how it works.

The benefits of digital transformation through BPM solutions are:

Improved quality of work

All your business users following a strict process, adhering to common practices

Transparent management of business processes

While many companies change their policies on paper, having a BPM solution means that the process change will be enforced across the whole organization via the BPM software system.

Measurable KPIs

You can easily track the KPIs of the process, including execution time, number of escalations or overdue tasks.

Easier staff onboarding and great employee satisfaction

Having an established process, backed by software means less time spent on tutorials and more visible results from each employee.

Implementing business process management software solutions requires the buy-in of the whole organization, as well as the continuous effort of and experience of an experienced software company like Dreamix. Our success stories are a result of our software delivery process, that includes the expertise of Business Analysts, Software Architects, Developers and QAs.


Oracle BPM (combined with Oracle SOA Suite) is the most mature BPM solution on the market. It provides in-built capabilities like BPMN composer (both for simulation and implementation) and BPM Workspace. While this is at the core for your BPM solution, each business process needs to be implemented by an experienced software expert, which requires time and attention to detail.

For more information on our Oracle BPM implementations please read here.

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