Development of Custom Software Solutions by Certified Experts

Development of bespoke software solutions, aligned with your company internal processes and workflow

Here in Dreamix we are highly specialized in delivering bespoke software solutions, that suit your specific company needs. Our team of certified experts has specialized in delivering:

  • End to End Software Products

    No matter if this is your new product line or brand new startup, we have the right expertise to support you throughout the whole project lifecycle.
  • Backoffice and Client Facing Web Applications

    Delivering web applications is our main strength, having mastered the newest technologies for rapid development and following established process, that has delivered proven results.
  • Core Backend Solutions

    Low-latency, high-load and fault tolerant systems could be just some of the requirements of your core backend platform.
  • Business Processes Workflow Systems

    Automating your business processes is key factor for boosting productivity, tracking progress and improving quality in every mature organization - we have seen the transformation and know how to make it happen.

Whether you have just an idea or an already specified product, it is really easy to start working with us.

Dreamix Software Delivery Process

Being a custom software development company with 10+ years of experience and hundreds of projects in our portfolio, we have mastered the process of delivering end to end software solutions.

Our standard process of development consists of the following phases:

  • Business Analysis and Product Development

    During this phase, one of our certified BAs will identify and document the initial requirements and build a roadmap of the software solution.
  • Architecture of the Software Solution

    Define the software platform and composition of modules.
  • Software Development

    The actual implementation of the software solution, following Dreamix best development principles.
  • Automated Testing and QA

    Execute different types of tests to ensure reliability and scalability of the system
  • Production Phase and Support

    Support of the live servers and environments using DevOps principles

Finding the Right Java Web Development Company

In order to guarantee the success of your Java web development project, you need to find the right company, that will not just deliver a project in an outsourced manner. Instead you need a partner, that will be fully involved in the process of defining, implementing, launching to production and supporting your new java web based platform.

Here are the key indicators that show a software company is the right outsourcing partner for your java web development project:

  • Strong Focus on Java Technology

    You need software experts, who have specifically focused and mastered the java technology for years on.
  • Best Development Standards and Practices

    Solid software products are result of a process, rather than a one time action.
  • End to End Understanding of Software Delivery

    Delivering to production is not just about delivery of source code - it is about understanding the different phases and active participation during the full project lifecycle.
  • Demonstrable Experience in Launching Software Products - Personal Team Involvement during the Whole Process

    Building a software platform is a continuous effort - you need people that will be personally involved and ready to give their best.

Why Dreamix has been preferred java web development partner for such reputable companies?

When there are so many software companies, that provide java outsourcing, why are we top tier partner for reputable companies across Europe and America?

Strong focus on Java and Java related frameworks

Since the very beginning, we’ve been centered around Java and Java related web frameworks. During our 10 years of history, the company has established a culture of mastery, which results in people becoming real experts in the Java technology.

This has given great results and additionally it is attracting top talents - people who are lecturers in top Bulgarian universities or promoting the Java open source in Bulgaria and the world.

Dreamix Development Methodology

Being a software development company, we need to have a mechanism that guarantees consistent results in each and every project we deliver. Integrated by our CTO, our Dreamix Development Methodology follows the best development practices:

  • Agiles software development
  • Automated Testing
  • Continuous Delivery
  • DevOps and Automation
  • Best Development Practices

End to end delivery of java web applications

We support our partners during each and every phase of the software delivery:

  • Product Definition
  • Software Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Infrastructure
  • Production Support

More than 10 Years of Java Web Development Experience

For more than 10 years of java development behind our back, we have mastered two distinct Java open source stacks - Spring & JSF. Throughout the years we have gathered specific knowledge in banking, airline and transportations, insurance, retail, finance and investments. We have been positioned as a strategic outsourcing partner for several companies, relying on our services for 4 years and counting.

Оur expertise has been recognized by big enterprises and our experts have been invited to consult organizations like BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Scotland and the United Nations. Additionally оur consistent work has given great results for companies like Vistajet, NetM and Fadata.

We care about what we deliver

We don’t say this as a marketing ploy. We do believe in what we do and we are personally devoted to delivering great software that solves real world problems. This means that we work hard and at the same time invest our creative energy to propose new ideas and solutions to existing problems.

Now that you know we are qualified to help you with your project, check out

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