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DREAMIX the MIX background 06 e1695196865489 - Custom Software Development Company

The custom software development company you can trust

Lean on a quick-to-onboard team of experts for your business-critical software needs. 

18+ years of experience let us pinpoint and proactively address potential issues. Our time-honed business and tech expertise guarantees a hassle-free delivery of the solutions you need.

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Work with a partner that wants you to succeed

We are passionate about what we do and that leads to true innovation and exceptional results. With Dreamix, you get a partner personally invested in your objectives. And, we leverage all our technical prowess to make that happen. 

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World-class software teams with minimal turnover

Our multitalented teams combine experienced engineers, industry-savvy product owners and talented UI/UX designers. All working on the same goal – to deliver individualized digital products that are aligned with your operation, audience, and plans. And our 95% employee retention rate means the people who start your project are the ones to finish it. 

Custom software that fits your business

By making an effort to understand your internal workflows and objectives, we create software that complements them perfectly. Communication is key to success – we work closely with you every step of the way, making sure you get precisely what you need. And a proactive approach to problem-solving ensures that anything you tell us gets done right.  

Made for you

Get the exact features and specifications you’re looking for. Eliminate the complications that come with unnecessary off-the-shelf functionalities.

Highly scalable

Future-proof your operation by investing in a custom software solution that can grow with you. Custom software is designed with your plans and goals in mind. 

Fully compliant

Avoid sanctions with tailor-made software that follows all regulations in your industry, thanks to our time-tested domain expertise

Easy to integrate

Improve efficiency with a product that fits your processes like a puzzle piece and works seamlessly with your existing systems.

Custom software services

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End-to-end software development

Do you need a product built from the ground up? We specialize in ideation, development, and support throughout the entire software lifecycle.

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Web applications

Using cutting-edge web technologies to deliver powerful, user-friendly custom web applications tailored to your requirements.

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Workflow systems

Optimise or automate your internal processes, boost productivity and improve your system’s stability thanks to our domain expertise.

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 User-centric design

Software is only good if it works for the people using it. We’ll make sure your custom software application is accessible and engaging to your intended audience. Our designers will ensure you get a cross-platform, intuitive product that’s simple to navigate for your customers and staff alike. 

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Core backend solutions

We leverage deep insight into your goals to bring you scalable, secure custom software solutions that drive growth and take you closer to your strategic KPIs.

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Software modernization & migration

Bring your existing systems to the future, tackle process inefficiencies and improve performance. We’ll assess your existing systems, identify areas of improvement and seamlessly migrate your application to modern platforms.

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Our custom software development process

Our software development methodology combines stability, security, and transparency, ensuring you’ll never worry about quality solutions being delivered on time. After almost two decades on the market, we know how to create custom software that meets your needs. 

Lightning-fast onboarding

Our time-tested quick onboarding process eliminates time waste, ensuring the team is seamlessly integrated and starts delivering in weeks rather than months.

Continuous testing and QA

In line with Agile methodology, we do iterative testing while developing. In doing so, we reduce your time to market and ensure a stable product.

Product management

Good custom software services revolve around understanding. Your project will have a designated product owner who will note your requirements, build a roadmap that matches them, and make sure development follows it. 


We use a combination of automation tools and continuous processes to ensure seamless collaboration and efficient software delivery. 

Architectural design

Our senior engineers will define the project’s architecture and structure, making sure it’s aligned with the benchmarks you’ve set.

Production and continued support

We make sure your custom software solution stays stable and maintains performance after deployment.  

Software development 

A team of developers works in perfect sync to create and implement the solution, following the latest development practices.  

Learn more about our development process.

Finding the right custom software development company

Entrusting an external provider with part of your operation is no easy decision. A software partnership isn’t just about delivering code – it’s about having someone in your corner that you trust. Someone who understands your objectives and has a proven track record of accomplishing similar tasks.

Partnerships that last

 A deep involvement in our partners’ projects, combined with our tech and domain expertise, lends us invaluable insights into possible improvements to be made or hurdles to be avoided. It’s why many of our partners have been working with us for 10+ years. Take a look at what some of them have to say.

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Custom software services cater to a specific organization and its needs and processes. Custom software is created from scratch and tailored to your needs. In contrast, off-the-shelf software is pre-packaged and available to anyone who wants to buy it. It’s designed to cast a wide net and cater to various needs and requirements. 

Choosing the right custom software solutions company is critical to the success of your project. When picking your custom software development partner, look for a provider with a proven track record of delivering custom solutions in your industry. Check their reviews, ratings from previous partners, and assess their technical expertise.

You do. We can a custom software solution following your specifications, and then maintain and support it – but it belongs entirely to you. 

Of course. We understand you want to protect your data, and are happy to help. We’ll ask you about an NDA the very first time we discuss your project.