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Custom Medical Software Development

You are a company, organisation or entrepreneur building new or extending existing healthcare/pharma digital solution? You are at the right place. Dreamix creates end to end software platforms and follows strict software and security standards like ITIL, COBIT and NIST.
Some of the platforms we build are in the field of:

  • Pharmaceutical orders application

    Our team is highly experienced in delivering custom software for pharmaceutical orders and communication between pharmaceutical wholesalers, stores and producers. We can provide quality solutions for automated order placement and approval, management of contracts and warehouse dispatchment.

  • Software for marketing in pharma

    If you need development of strategic marketing platforms for big pharma companies you have come to the right place. Dreamix can provide design and implementation of modules for: pharma research, publications, development cycle of new pharma products, customer usage analysis.

  • Healthcare risk management software

    Implementation of custom medical software for risk assessment of people with long term medical conditions. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our platforms fuse analysis of multiple test data sources and historical patterns to provide personalized risk assessment and monthly condition monitoring.

  • Machine learning platform for treatment recommendations

    Delivery of healthcare software which provides screening and disease prevention. Some of our clients include governmental organisations and private sector companies in the field of cancer research and prevention.

  • Platforms for online sharing of medical research

    Creation of web platforms and mobile apps for medical knowledge sharing, including design and publishing of academic papers, video conferencing, interactive modules for academia and pharmaceutical companies.

  • Custom ERP for Pharmaceutical companies

    Implementation of custom built ERP systems for large international pharmaceutical companies, including industry specific modules, following GxP and country regulatory requirements.

Why choose Dreamix as your Healthcare Software Outsourcing Company

Dreamix is a software development company with more than 13 years track record of successful projects. We provide quality end-to-end software product development services following the highest enterprise standards with even higher devotion. With 97% retention rate we have been recognized as a reliable partner from enterprises, institutions and startups.
We meet deadlines
provide stability during the execution of the project and we can be contacted 24/7.
We have a passion for challenges
and will figure how to deliver your project in the best possible way.
Your ideas and goals are important to us
and you can rely on adept advice when wanted.
Our QA team
guarantees the best quality of our products.
We have adopted Agile methodology
and we rely on SCRUM in the software delivery.
The huge knowledge of our people
allows us to cover the entire vertical from consultancy to development and implementation.
You can either nearshore part of the process, the entire process or we can send you people on site
if you need them due to short headcount or lack of expertise.
You will have the chance to work with certified and internationally recognized experts
at reasonable prices.
Your success
is our success!
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