YYour Dedicated Software Development Team in Dreamix

Outsourcing your software development with Dreamix will quickly feel as implementing your project inhouse

Having a dedicated software development team gives you the flexibility to prioritize different tasks and projects, while keeping the same amount of experts engaged for your company outsourcing needs. Our success stories show that the software development services you receive will cover your IT needs by having:

  • The right level of seniority

    the software development team will be composed of the right balance between seniors, middles and juniors
  • Versatile expertise

    depending on your needs, the outsourced team members will have different skillset to tackle backend, frontend, infrastructure, PM or software architecture tasks
  • Always reachable

    slack, skype, webex or mobile - your team will be always reachable and responsive, as if in the next building down the road
  • Standard 8 hours workday

    except on the release dates when everybody has their sleeves rolled up and putting their heart in it
  • Transparent budget and reporting

    you will receive a detailed report of each team member work for the month
  • Always motivated and well trained

    it is our company culture that keeps everyone motivated and striving to master the newest technologies
  • Following established processes

    having years of experience, Dreamix has developed a software delivery process that gives proven results, it will give great results for your outsourced programming team as well.

This approach has given great results for companies like VistaJet, we are sure it will work for you!

Extended workbench for your software team

Sometimes all you need is an additional workforce to help you in the programming. In other cases you would need a fully fledged team, that can deliver complex projects from the very start and cover all the phases of:

  • Project definition
  • Specification
  • Architecture
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Testing and QA
  • Go live

No matter which is the case, we are sure we can help you with building the right team and deliver the target results and become one of your trusted offshore software implementation partners.

Now that you know we are qualified to help you with your project, check out

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