Nearshore software development services

Benefits of nearshoring your outsourced software project
If you are located in Europe or the Middle East, then you will definitely enjoy the benefits of the nearshore software development.
Overlapping work hours
The maximum time difference of 2 hours enables quick and spontaneous live communication.
On demand meetings
Just drop a line and we are ready to organize a spontaneous online meeting to check the progress of the new feature or organize a demo for a stakeholder.
Convenient short distance flight
It will not take us more than a 3 hour flight from our development center in Sofia to your office. Of course you are more than welcome to visit us in lovely Sofia!
How we guarantee success of your nearshoring software service needs
Dreamix is specializing in outsourced software development and our success stories guarantee your development will benefit by utilizing:
Experts in the field
Bulgaria is famous for its tech talents and here at Dreamix we are famous for our culture, that attracts top employees
Software delivery process
Being in the business of nearshoring and outsourcing for more than 11 years, you can rely on our proven delivery process that gives great results
Cost efficiency
Having corporate tax of just 10% - one of the lowest in EU, Bulgaria has reputation of location with great balance between affordability and quality of work
Success Stories: Docomo Digital Case Study
DOCOMO Digital is part of NTT DOCOMO - the leading Japanese mobile operator, an international global company based in London and present on 6 continents.

Docomo has over 15 years of expertise in building and safely operating the world's most advanced mobile commerce environment to enable their mobile commerce aspirations. Today, their platforms are connected to over 200 mobile network operators and over 300 global and local payment methods as the foundation upon which they are developing next-generation mobile commerce for over 5 billion citizens around the world.
"I'm very happy with the team and with the results they provide. I like the professional and structured way the team organise the work. The consequent implementation of scrum methodology helps a lot to keep track about the project and on the other hand react in a flexible way on the changes that come along. I also appreciate the decisive way of using new technologies and competent implementation of those. One of the good qualities of the team is to recognize side effects of some implementations. This helps a lot to avoid implementation that ends in a disaster. I also appreciate the manner of managing the project, professional and still flexible."

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