Software architecture

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Software Architecture by Experienced Software Professionals

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Having a robust architecture at the core of any software project is the best way to ensure success. By adhering to industry standards and applying intelligent layering and interaction of tasks, projects and their outcomes can have a much smoother road during development and beyond.

Depending on the functional and nonfunctional requirements, our experienced system architects will come up with intelligent decisions about frameworks, technologies and composition of modules to provide an entire software plan, starting from the physical layer, all the way up to presentation.

The Architecture will address the standard aspects of software systems such as:


We highly believe that user experience has to be clean and simple and UI design must be self-explanatory.


We must architect our solution so it is suitable for every customer’s needs, while making sure that future data increases will not cause the system to malfunction.


We take every customer’s security needs into consideration during the software development process and beyond, to ensure safe production and delivery at every step.


The code must not only be optimized and short, but it also needs to be clear and easy to understand for other developers who may want to input.

Integration points

Our qualified specialists will identify different systems which must be integrated in order for the final solution to be completed.

Fault tolerance and disaster recovery

We implement features such as high availability and data backup to ensure that all scenarios are accounted for and the system remains functional in the production environment.


Our code is written with the future in mind so that we can foresee potential upcoming changes and easily adapt to new user requirements. Once finalized, the architecture is documented using Visio/Enterprise Architect and is handled by our experienced software team.

Software architecture

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