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UI/UX design services we are best known for

Does your existing product need a UI and UX design uplift and polish? Or maybe you need a professional user experience designer to review and navigate your new product from ideation to prototype?

Let us handle it all.

Dedicated UI and UX expert

Have an experienced UI/UX designer join your existing product team

Solve delays in tasks that depend on the design

Resolve problems in user flows

UI/UX review of existing products

Have an experienced UI/UX designer review your product and offer a new, improved design of wireframes, prototypes and whatnot

Follow accessibility standards WCAG 2.2

Ensure consistency across the product

Apply best design practices

UI/UX consultation for a product idea to prototype

Have an experienced UI/UX designer advise you on your new product or feature idea prior to its implementation

Apply fast-paced validation of rough ideas

Deliver from idea to functional prototype in 2 weeks

Enhance existing products by identifying pain points

Adding new features to existing product

Designing a delightful digital experience…

…requires a fine balance between how lightweight the product interface is, and how ergonomic it feels. And all that topped with consistency and following the latest UI and UX design trends.

Why do you need it to be “delightful”? The customer is more powerful than ever. He can close your app or switch to a competitor in a blink of an eye. It’s our job to make him want to stay.

Every aspect of the user journey matters to us

Still wonder what the business value is?

Solve real problems and improve important business metrics through appealing interfaces.

Save money and resources

  • Faster implementation of new functionalities
  • Makes the process of migrating to new technologies easier

Modernize the company

  • Unifies the look and feel of the digital products
  • Makes the company and brand look professional and mature
  • Builds trust and security in users
  • Boosts brand awareness and marketing effort

Improved UX for new and existing users

  • Faster onboarding
  • More engaged users

Optimize workflows

  • Saves time
  • Increases throughput with well-defined requirements for the development team

Legally compliant

  • Accessible according to WCAG - EU/US laws

Clear requirements

  • No more rewriting the code
  • Everyone is on the same page (wireframing and prototyping)

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Meet our head of UI/UX design team

Making great user experience even better is always possible. And profitable! Take Walmart, for example. They smartly optimized their retail user experience in 2018, which increased their sales by 43%. To achieve similar results, you simply need well-defined user needs, business goals, projected challenges and an experienced team of designers.

 Ivan Vasilev, Head of Design

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