We know how to .NET for your software needs. And we will do it excellently.

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You can build many applications and use various libraries with .NET. And we will make it work scalable.

Over the years Dreamix has built a solid tech expertise and our team features experienced and certified .NET professionals.

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We adopted and effectively used the latest from .NET: Core 6. We use GitHub as a repository, but we have also used Atlassian’s Bitbucket. As ORM, we use Entity Framework. We are also experienced users of dockers and containers. We use Monolith and AWS.

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Our Business Analysts, Product Owners, developers and QAs effectively use Scrum and Jira and we will proactively communicate on MS teams with your team. We are agile and we will adapt to your work preferences.

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With .NET we have successfully built and maintained complex compliance solutions for multibillion enterprises.

Why choose Dreamix as your .NET tech partner?

Dreamix is a trusted tech partner with more than 15 years of successful projects. With a 95% retention rate we have been recognised as a reliable partner from enterprises, institutions and startups. We can help you define your product, develop, test custom software solutions and we offer DevOps services.

Stability, quality and security are guaranteed in a partnership as we only take part in projects that are in our field of proficiency and always strive to provide the most effective solutions. High expertise is the basis that each and every one of our employees must prove in order to start working at Dreamix, allowing them to push technology to new limits.

Case Study

Find out the three pillars of team synchrony that helped Dreamix accomplish the project successfully.