Oracle ADF enterprise application development by certified experts

Oracle ADF is a complex enterprise application development framework, but we know every single aspect of it

Oracle ADF is a mature Java-based framework for enterprise application development. It is well known for its powerful features, which come at the cost of high complexity.

Having many years of experience, we have mastered each and every detail of the platform, which has enabled our team to:

  • Create custom components and wizards, specifically tailored to project needs

  • Customize and extend the existing framework and the ADF lifecycle

  • Leverage the power of Business Components

  • Organize highly productive teams


Oracle ADF development is one of our really strong areas of expertise and our experience allows us to provide end to end service, starting from defining the architecture and application/project structure, continuing with development and finally fine-tuning the application before going to production.

Oracle Forms to ADF Migration

In the past, Oracle Forms used to be a leading software development platform and top choice for any enterprise company. Nowadays more and more companies are looking to migrate their existing Oracle Forms applications to ADF or open source Java based technologies.

Because of the complexity of this task, many companies have asked Dreamix to support them in this ambitious endeavour. Through many mandays of effective development, we have come up with efficient approach and step-by-step approach for development.

Additionally we have developed FormADFApp - an innovative product that helps you kickstart the migration process.

Migrate Your Existing Oracle Forms Application Using FormADFApp

Custom BPM Workspace

The FormADFApp functions as a standalone ADF application that you can import in your integrated development framework (usually Oracle JDeveloper) to instantly start and deploy on any Oracle WebLogic server that supports ADF.

From now on, the FormADFApp works as your solid start point that gives you an instant boost in your project development and provides user administration & authorization, navigation and content management, modern tab-based user experience, internationalization and personalization, as well as ease of installation and integration.

FormADFApp also:

  • Runs your old Forms & Reports simultaneously
  • Provides base layout for your new application
  • ADF based Forms & Reports in an ADF interface
  • Saves you months of development time
  • Gives results from day 1
  • Has a top menu with drop-down submenus
  • Guarantees success of your migration process
  • Maximizes development productivity with an established guidelines
  • Comes with dedicated support and free customization if needed

After we have proven our tech expertise, meet the team that can provide adept services and mastery in java and other technologies. Choose the right people for your project!

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