Oracle soa suite and bpm development by hands-on experts

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Oracle SOA Suite Development Services

Oracle SOA Suite is recognized as one of the leading SOA and integration platforms, used by many enterprises as their core SOA development platform. Throughout the many years of using it, we have gathered hands on experience with each of the different components, which is essential when developing production ready composites.

Being an outsourcing company that develops solutions with SOA and BPM, we had the opportunity to take part in several distinct implementations in the Banking and Aerospace industries.

Oracle BPM Development Services

Oracle BPM established its leadership in the market of enterprise BPM solutions, resulting in many companies searching for software development partners who can help with implementation.

When dealing with implementation, remember that:

BPM human tasks UI

the BPM human tasks come with an auto-generated view, that is inefficient for business use. That is why you need a custom built ADF UI. Having expertise in both ADF and BPM has let us deliver complex BPM screens, tightly integrated with the custom logic of each business process.

BPM Workspace limitations

sometimes BPM Workspace would not be suitable for specific tasks. There are other use cases when you would need a custom workspace, integrated in an external application (e.g. Webcenter or other enterprise app). In this case you need a really good understanding of the underlying logic of BPM and the APIs that you can use to create a custom BPM workspace.

Oracle BPM is a great tool that can help your company undergo a digital transformation. But, at the same time if you want to drive greater efficiency in your company, you definitely need to be backed by experts in the field.


Oracle BPM Workspace is a pre-build working environment for your BPM end users. Its a generic tool that provides an inbox-like functionality for tasks that require manual input.

While its generic functions like sorting by priority, due date and assignee would suit the organizational needs of most of its users, companies sometimes need a more sophisticated arrangement of the task list.

Having extensive experience with BPM APIs, we are capable to create a custom workspace that is customized, following your company branding and with different views depending on the users’ department.

Additionally, this workspace can be easily integrated into your enterprise portal (may it be Webcenter or Liferay) or any other enterprise application that will benefit from the capacity of integrated custom task list.

After we have proven our tech expertise, meet the team that can provide adept services and mastery in java and other technologies. Choose the right people for your project!

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