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React is a hugely popular library for building user interfaces. Released as an open-source product by Facebook in 2013, it quickly became a “bestseller” and is used by companies like Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Netflix; Dreamix specializes in React web development.
  • It’s easy to learn, allowing for fast onboarding and quick development of ReactJS developers.
  • It’s also component based, so the elements which are created can be easily reused in different parts of the application, minifying code size and reducing bugs.
  • React has a huge ecosystem of additional libraries, third-party tools and training content which our React development company is proficient in.
The skills that developers acquire with React are easily translatable to other frameworks, since many of the UI libraries and tools in the Javascript ecosystem were hugely influenced by React since it’s launch, making it a good fit if you’re looking for a ReactJS outsourcing company. In 2015 React Native was released, which uses React syntax to produce native (not hybrid or HTML) mobile applications.
Benefits of React Web Development
Mature, influential, yet modern

React has been around for quite some time and has been battle tested by major industry giants and our ReactJS outsourcing company. Yet it still manages to hold it’s modern appeal to developers which greatly helps with the hiring process. On top of that, React has had a huge impact in the JS ecosystem overall - with ideas and patterns from that library influencing other major competitors like Angular 2+. This means that skills acquired by using React have the potential to save developer’s time on tasks which are not immediately related to React development.
Easy to learn and easy to use

React is a light-weight library with focused functionality. It has great documentation and multiple learning resources, resulting in savings from onboarding and development time.
Encourages creating reusable components

According to Djikstra, simplicity is prerequisite for reliability. “Create once - use anywhere” kind of components are the foundations of good software. React software development encourages that kind of programming, thus minimizing the size of the codebase and reducing the probability of bugs.
Mobile-ready with React Native

The same skills which developers have acquired while using React can be translated one-to-one for mobile applications, which is incredibly beneficial if you’re looking to hire developers.
Why choose Dreamix as your ReactJS Outsourcing Company
Dreamix is a software development company with more than 12 years of successful projects. We provide quality end-to-end software product development services following the highest enterprise standards with even higher devotion. With 97% retention rate we have been recognized as a reliable partner from enterprises, institutions and startups.
Stability, quality and security are guaranteed in a partnership as we only take part in projects that are in our field of proficiency and always strive to provide the most effective solutions. High expertise is the basis that each and every one of our employees must prove in order to start working for Dreamix, allowing them to push technology to new limits.

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