Custom AI development and machine learning solutions

Tap into the transformative power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to elevate your business to the next level by implementing custom AI development.

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I was impressed with Dreamix’s deep understanding of machine learning models and artificial intelligence solutions. Fantastic work ethic and worked hard to understand our organisations needs

Matthew Blakemore

Head of Product, British Board of Film Classification

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Why choose Dreamix for custom AI development services

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Dreamix is a trusted software development company with over 16 years of experience delivering quality end-to-end software product development services to enterprises, institutions, and startups. Our 95% employee retention rate and partnerships that last 10+ years are a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to exceed clients’ and employees’ expectations.

Our world-class custom AI development experts will work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom AI development is seamless and practical.

So whether you already have a clear vision for your AI implementation or need our help to explore the possibilities, we’re here to make it happen.

Don’t stay left behind in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. Instead, incorporate cutting-edge AI technologies into your product and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Our custom AI development and machine learning services

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of benefits, including the ability to cut operational costs, streamline repetitive tasks, and free up your employees to concentrate on more creative and complex projects. By leveraging custom AI development into your business, you can automate routine activities, boost efficiency, and enable your workforce to focus on innovative problem-solving that demands unique, out-of-the-box thinking.

In custom AI development, we’re always at the forefront, pushing the boundaries. We dive deep into cutting-edge tech like deep learning, neural networks, and NLP. Our goal? Crafting custom solutions that grow with your business. We’re all about precision and innovation. Our algorithms aren’t just tools; they’re change-makers. AI’s potential is boundless, and we’re here to harness it for your business’s journey into the future.

Hristo Tomov

Head of AI & Co-Founder

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Generative AI models

Generative AI models are algorithms that can create new, original content from scratch. They’re like a virtual artist that can learn from data and generate new content that resembles it. Examples include GPT-3 and StyleGAN.Generative AI models have many applications, from natural language processing to image and video synthesis, and can create unique content that is not simply a recombination of existing data. You can even use them for fraud and anomaly detection, which makes them a valuable tool for many industries.

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Data preparation

We excel at data preparation, a critical step in making the most of your data. Our team of experts specialises in data manipulation. It can help you with a wide range of tasks, from cleaning and organising your data to integrating multiple sources and performing advanced preprocessing. With our efficient and effective data preparation services, you can rest assured that your data will be optimised for maximum benefit. Contact us to discuss your data preparation custom AI development needs.

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Our conversational and topic-specific bots allow AI to handle common requests, reducing your customer support budget. They also make the interface between your services and customers more natural and intuitive. For example, we worked with CloudCar to implement an in-car personal assistant that processes voice commands and determines driver intent. Our sentiment analysis and document classification tools automatically process unstructured text data, such as survey results, feedback, reviews, and social media posts.

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Recommender systems

Our recommender systems utilize sophisticated analysis of customer behavior and preferences to provide personalized options that meet their specific needs. By leveraging the power of our AI technology, you can offer your customers a tailored experience that’s designed to keep them coming back for more. Our approach goes beyond generic recommendations to ensure that every customer receives suggestions that are relevant and valuable to them. With our recommender systems, you can enhance customer satisfaction, drive engagement, and boost your business’s bottom line.

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Computer vision

Computer vision is a powerful tool that can help you identify and track objects with incredible precision. Our convolutional networks are designed to recognize and classify objects in images and video streams, allowing you to automate processes and make better decisions. For example, we recently collaborated with Powerdrone to develop a computer vision solution that automatically processes drone-collected images and identifies specific features in them. With our advanced computer vision technology, you can unlock new insights, increase efficiency, and drive innovation in your business. 

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Deep learning

Our deep learning models are the ultimate tool for processing complex datasets with thousands of features, enabling you to uncover hidden patterns and relationships that can transform your business. With our sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge technology, you can harness the full potential of your data and gain valuable insights that will give you a competitive edge. As part of our machine learning consulting services, we’ve implemented complex, multidimensional analyses for predicting risks in the insurance industry. Read more about our experience with custom AI development.

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Predictive analytics

Our predictive analytics solutions use the latest machine learning techniques to help you uncover critical insights from your existing data. By analyzing trends and patterns, you can make informed decisions about where your business is headed and plan accordingly. Our predictive analytics tools are designed to optimize supply chain management, improve capacity planning, and streamline business processes, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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Machine learning at scale

Unlock the true potential of your big data with our machine learning solutions. We utilize cutting-edge tools such as Spark MLlib and cloud-based ML and infrastructure offerings from major providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to extract maximum value from your data. Our scalable machine learning solutions enable you to process vast amounts of data quickly and efficiently, uncovering hidden patterns and insights that can drive growth and innovation. 

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Securing ML/AI models against adversarial attacks

We understand how important it is to protect your AI-based solutions from outside threats. That’s why we use the latest techniques in adversarial machine learning to verify and secure your models against adversarial attacks. Our security measures help ensure that your models are protected against manipulation and compromise, allowing you to have peace of mind while your custom AI solutions are handling critical tasks in the real world.

Would you like to transform your business with custom AI development?

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It feels like we are a part of your own organization and can start delivering within weeks

Tech seniority

At Dreamix, our commitment to tech seniority extends beyond our dedicated team. We adhere to industry best practices at all levels, ensuring your project benefits from the latest knowledge and skills.

Long-term partnership

We’re proud to have a 95% partner retention rate, thanks to our commitment to helping businesses grow and conquer challenges. When you choose us, you’re in it for the long haul and you may expect long lasting custom AI development excellence.

Lightning-fast onboarding

We ensure a speedy onboarding process that reduces downtime and enhances productivity from the get-go with your team of custom AI development experts.


We are well-prepared to accommodate changing requirements through our agile approach and collaborate with you to identify optimal solutions using Scrum methodology.


We don’t just react to your AI business needs, we proactively identify potential problems and technical debt. Our team proposes effective solutions to ensure your project stays on track.§

Communication & transparency

At our company, we keep you in the loop at all times by providing regular updates on our progress. We are well-known for our transparency and honesty, so you can trust us to be upfront with you every step of the way.

Our iterative agile process


Define your product


Build the team & architecture


Develop the code


Test and QA




DevOps and Live Support

Elevate your business with our custom AI development and machine learning services. Let’s get started.