Custom aviation software development

Hire certified software engineers experienced in delivering innovative and scalable aviation software solutions.

Meet demand and move your business forward with custom aviation software development

We help you optimise workload, modernise ageing aviation technologies, reduce risks of failures, comply with security standards, maximise profit and more. Our experienced teams have been serving the digital transformation and scaling software needs of some of the world’s famous aviation leaders for years. We are committed to doing the same for you. 

Our expertise in aviation software development

Make your services highly scalable and available. 

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Customer communication systems

Upgrade the whole customer experience lifecycle: newer, faster, and more secure communication systems.

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PFА, flight operations and planning optimisation

Optimise gathering essential data quickly and efficiently to permit flight execution. Improve employee productivity and workload.

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Custom aviation software developemt

Have tailored software solutions for managing maintenance, flight operations, revenue management, airport management, and other critical functions in the aviation industry.

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Modernization of legacy aviation systems

Upgrade old and slow legacy systems and migrate to cloud infrastructure while complying with all the best practices: 95% test coverage, code reviews, static code analysis (SonarQube), automated tests, OWASP security risks assessment, and agile processes streamlined with CI/CD pipelines.

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Third-party integration systems

Optimise how suppliers submit their invoices via SFTP and IATA services by integrating with OCR. Validate invoice accuracy and record purchases. Integrate with various payment systems (Revolut, Loyalty points, etc.).

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Aviation safety and compliance solutions

Ensure strict adherence to safety regulations and comply with the latest industry standards with a comprehensive software solution. Implement features such as incident reporting, safety audits, and risk management to mitigate your operational risks. 

Why choose Dreamix to deliver software solutions for your aviation company

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One of the most challenging tasks regarding software development in the aviation domain is to find a reliable IT partner you can lean on. 

Dreamix team consists of software engineers, product owners and leaders who work in perfect sync to deliver outstanding aviation software solutions that are scalable and innovative. We take the time to dive deep into your project to understand and execute your core needs efficiently. 

Our domain knowledge in aviation software development helps our dedicated teams to start delivering within weeks

Aviation expertise

A designated, domain-experienced product owner will offer development advice and make sure your aviation software solution is ready to meet market demand.

Tech seniority

Our knowledge and best practices are within our dedicated team and on a company level – shared and abided by all.

95% Employee retention

Our close-knit community of thriving employees translates into exceptional value for our clients, thanks to our deeply committed professionals who deliver unwavering support.

Fast onboarding

Eliminate time waste and boost productivity thanks to our time-tested quick onboarding process. 


We’re well-versed in adapting to changing requirements, Scrumming them out, and keeping you in the loop.


Rely on us to always point out problems in the process or in the accumulated technical debt and propose the most effective solution for your aviation business needs.

The tech stack we use in the aviation software development domain

Java Technology and Frameworks
Code Quality
AWS Services
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Old, legacy aviation software is among the top challenges for stalling growth in the aviation industry

Аviation has been one of the most affected industries in the past few years. First, Covid-19 happened, along with Russia-Ukraine war leading to massive layoffs and sky-high ticket prices. And all that topped with security issues, cluttered old systems, and the ever-growing demands of the customer.

Although the industry is slowly picking up, reports say it will remain behind the original predictions prior to the pandemic. What should aviation and airline companies do to stay in business and be competitive? 

Aviation’s main priority is precision and reliability, and it’s why it can be difficult for such a mission-critical industry to undertake a risky digital transformation project. Instead of taking a rip-and-replace approach, modernising ageing aviation software and optimising workload can be a safer and more sustainable solution.

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Criteria for choosing an aviation software development company

Experience and expertise

To be experienced in the aviation industry and understand its unique challenges. It should have a team of experienced developers, project managers, and domain experts who can deliver high-quality software solutions.

Customisation and flexibility

To offer customised solutions to meet your needs and requirements. Your IT partner should be able to adapt to changing business needs, and be willing to work closely with you to understand your unique case.

Security and Compliance

To strongly focus on security and compliance to meet strict security and regulatory requirements without hassle.

Integration and scalability

Have experience in integration and should be able to provide scalable solutions that can grow with the company’s needs.

Support and maintenance

Provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the solutions are running smoothly and any issues are addressed quickly.

Project management excellence 

Have robust management methodologies in place, experienced product owners, and effective communication channels to ensure transparency and progress tracking. 

Custom aviation software development or off-the-shelf?

Ultimately, the decision between off-the-shelf and custom solutions should be based on a careful analysis of the company’s needs, budget, and goals. Companies should work with a software service provider who can help them evaluate the pros and cons of each option and make an informed decision.

Advantages of off-the-shelf solutions

Lower cost

Off-the-shelf solutions are typically less expensive than custom solutions, as they are designed to meet the needs of a broader range of customers.

Faster implementation

They are readily available and require less development time, so they can be implemented faster than custom solutions.

Established track record

Many off-the-shelf solutions have been widely used and tested in the industry, which can provide companies with a level of confidence in their reliability and effectiveness.

Advantages of custom solutions

Tailored functionality

Custom solutions can be designed to meet the company’s specific needs, which means they can provide high functionality and unique features.

Competitive advantage

A custom solution may offer features unavailable in off-the-shelf solutions, which can help the company differentiate itself from competitors.

Specific security and compliance requirements

They can be designed to meet specific security and compliance requirements, which is particularly important for companies in the aviation industry that deal with sensitive data.

We’d love to hear about your aviation software development needs and help you meet your business goals.