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jed villejo bEcC0nyIp2g unsplash scaled e1695797460708 - Our Culture

Discover the heart and soul of Dreamix’s culture

For 17 years we’ve been crafting our way of working and living in Dreamix while staying true to our values.

Culture at Dreamix

Our culture is based on 8 values. We hire or work with people that have at least 5 of them. For us culture is a reflection of our actions, not just mere words.

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How do we do it? The Dreamix Way

Built around four key pillars, the Dreamix Way is a set of values that we aim to uphold every single day – both in our partnerships and in our dealings with each other. 

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1. People – hire, grow and retain top talent

We maintain a 95% employee retention rate, and we’re still named “the fastest-growing among Bulgaria’s largest IT companies”. That proves investing in people pays off. They stay with us and together we grow.


We hire the top 10% talent thanks to our rigorous hiring process. Nearly 60% of Dreamix talent comes from our employee referral program. In order to feel even more responsible for whom they refer, our people are often involved in the interviewing process.

Growth of people

As we grow quickly in revenue (We quadrupled in revenue in the last 3 years), we must grow even quicker as professionals and individuals. We encourage everyone in the team to strive for excellence by improving their soft and technical skills. We promote and reward those who stand out.

Promotions and dismissals

Promoting someone can motivate the team to aim for similar excellent behaviour and achievements. It’s the same when dismissing someone – it’s a critical process that demonstrates what kind of behaviour we tolerate or not within the organization in order to form a strong and resilient team.

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2. Purpose

Our purpose is simple: Empower business leaders to make a positive impact, while building a place with a sense of belonging. And we do it while fostering a welcoming and supportive organisational culture that encourages collaboration, belonging, and growth. 

We aim to work on projects that match our values and contribute positively to the world. And, we build a sense of belonging among our employees despite working from home or from the other side of the world. When team members recognize themselves in the shared purpose and values and feel valued and at the right place, they are enthusiastic, proactive and have ownership of tasks, especially when things get tough. We then celebrate our big and small wins together.

3. Operational excellence

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Freedom to grow – from junior to CEO

Our CEO Stoyan joined Dreamix 12 years ago as a junior through a job board, without knowing anyone in the company. He is now the CEO and one of the major shareholders. And he is not an exception. Other employees who joined as juniors are now engineering managers, heads of departments and shareholders as well. We encourage Dreamix talent to think outside the box, be creative, propose ideas and stand up for them, and be proactive and empathetic. And, in turn, everyone here knows the sky is the limit for their professional – and personal – growth.

Long-term partnerships with clients

We cherish relations, not transactions. That is why we invest in long-lasting partnerships with our clients and deliver maximum value for their meaningful projects. For example, we started working with VistaJet 12 years ago when they were a startup with 50 people and 8 aircraft. Now they are a company with more than 1000 employees and 300 aircraft, and we are still working on impactful projects together.

Delivering business value, rather than code

In the software development world, “body leasing” refers to offering one or two developers to write code at а sprint level. Instead, our company focuses on delivering business value for our clients, such as scaling up their delivery processes or building their software products. That’s why our team is made of engineers, not developers. Our product and software engineers often dive deep into the core of the business case and even work closely with the clients of our clients to better define the correct features and products. They are critical thinkers who are proactive and not afraid to ask the “why’s”. They dig underneath the surface and provide service that exceeds expectations and ensures our clients’ peace of mind.

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4. Giving back

Sharing is caring! We love to give back to our community.


We donate 1% of our revenue yearly. Dreamix has an internal platform where everyone can upload donation causes and where everyone receives BGN 60 per month to donate. If someone donates from their own pocket, the company doubles it.


Nearly 20% of the dream team teaches at universities, conferences and courses. We even have our Java web development course at the Faculty of Math in Sofia.

Supporting tech communities

We organise our own tech conferences, write thought leadership articles in tech and business media and interview top experts for our Java Champions newsletter.