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Discover the heart and soul of Dreamix’s culture

Our purpose is simple. To empower socially responsible business leaders to make a positive impact, while fostering a culture of belonging.

Our core values

At Dreamix, we believe that success comes from more than just hard skills. Our values guide us in everything we do, helping us create a company culture that inspires and empowers our team members to be their best selves and the extraordinary professionals they are.

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Striving for еxcellence

We spend 4 hours/week for education, including for Dreamix-sponsored courses and certifications. We support students with additional vacation and have knowledge-sharing clubs and mentorship programs.

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Living healthy

We support everyone’s healthy lifestyle and offer free office massages, gym equipment, biweekly exercise sessions, multisport cards, an additional health insurance package.

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Sharing is caring

We encourage all types of sharing, including by supporting university lecturers from Dreamix, blogging, internal talks, donations, and others.

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Meaningful projects

We pick meaningful projects and invest in long-term partnerships. It’s also why we choose to call our clients ‘partners’. We care about what we do, and it shows. 

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Humility and respect

We believe in treating everyone with respect and kindness. We value humility, honesty, and integrity in ourselves. Giving and receiving feedback frequently helps us grow.

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Team players

We believe in supporting and lifting each other up. We work together to achieve our goals and celebrate our successes as a team, with regular team buildings and working from the seaside and mountains twice an year.

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We believe in giving our team members the freedom to be creative and independent. We trust them to make good decisions and take ownership of their work.

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Growth mindset

We believe in taking initiative and being proactive. We don’t wait for problems to arise – we anticipate them and take action to prevent them.

Culture mind map

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Why you should join Dreamix

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People first

At Dreamix, our founders prioritize accessibility and involvement in everyday business. We work collaboratively and strive for continuous improvement, by creating a people-centric culture that helps us thrive.


Seeking daily inspiration? Look no further than Dreamix! Our leaders have been recognized for their impactful projects, including nominations for the prestigious Darik 40 under 40 award and the presidential “John Atanasoff” laureate.

Individual growth

We’re committed to helping our team members grow professionally. Our Dreamix Career Ladder provides a clear path for career advancement, and we’re proud to have already seen team members rise from junior-level positions to shareholders.

Team spirit

We believe in the power of teamwork and offer a variety of ways to build camaraderie. Whether it’s sharing knowledge, playing board games, hiking, or exercising together, we have plenty of options to strengthen our team spirit.


Diversity is a core value at Dreamix. We believe that hearing different perspectives, ideas, and cultural backgrounds enriches our work and makes us stronger as a team. We welcome colleagues from all backgrounds, genders and minorities.


At Dreamix, we prioritize work-life balance and trust our team members to be productive wherever they are. Whether you prefer to work from home, a coffee shop, or a coworking space, we support your freedom to work from anywhere at any time.