Custom .NET development services

Lean on a seasoned team of custom .NET development experts with years of experience. Use.NET for powerful full-stack development.

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Benefits of .NET development

Optimize your software’s performance using the world’s most popular software development framework.

Fast, lightweight applications

Custom .NET web applications have better response timeс and require less resources than other frameworks. 


Between extensive libraries, powerful tools, multi-platform support and asynchronous programming, .NET streamlines your software development process.


.NET offers various built-in features to keep your project secure, such as code access security, cryptography, and role-based security.


.NET effortlessly integrates with other Microsoft tools and platforms, letting you access the full power of the cohesive Microsoft stack for maximum efficiency.

Custom .NET software development services

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Dreamix offers a wide range of custom .NET services to help you build, modernize, manage and/or maintain your software solutions

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Custom .NET software development

Get bespoke .NET solutions tailored to your specific business needs. From design to release, we’ll work closely with you to deliver high-quality solutions that align with your goals

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IT consulting

Tap into years of industry expertise and a wide range of technical skill sets. We’ll help you make informed decisions on software architecture, tech stacks, system integration and more.  

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Product management

Make sure your software development efforts are aligned with your business objectives. Let us define product roadmaps, prioritize features, and make sure your product is primed for a successful release.

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Testing & QA

An expert team of QAs will make sure your solution performs as expected. 

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Streamline your software development process through automation, continuous testing and real-time monitoring. Accelerate software delivery thanks to an optimized CI/CD pipeline. 

Would you like to hear from our .NET experts?

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What we’re known for

Custom product ideation, end-to-end .NET development, scaling, and migration using the latest tech stack and industry practices.

We help Healthcare, Fintech, and Mobility industry leaders scale their operations, streamline their processes and achieve their business goals.

Dreamix custom .NET development process

Take advantage of our time-tested approach to ensure your project’s success. We combine agility, DevOps practices and years of experience to deliver the right .NET  solution for your situation.


Identify goals, risks, and resources


Determine approach and tools


Transform plan into functional code


Ensure quality, do iterative tests, and catch issues

Deployment and support

Deploy solution and provide ongoing support

Why Dreamix

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Fast onboarding

Get your project up and running in no time. Our time-honed rapid onboarding process lets us start delivering real value to your organization in short order. 


Improve product stability and improve release speed thanks to our Agile approach. Iterative delivery means you can see progress and give feedback as needed.

Self-managed teams

Focus on tasks that require your attention and let us handle your project. Our teams consist of seasoned professionals who own their work.  


Always know your project’s status thanks to our open communication policy. Transparency is a core Dreamix value, and we practice it in everything we do. 

.NET is a popular software development platform created and maintained by Microsoft. It provides a comprehensive set of tools, libraries, and technologies that empower developers to build a wide range of applications, from web and desktop to mobile and cloud-based solutions. .NET supports various programming languages such as C#, F#, Visual C++, or Visual Basic,, making it a versatile choice for software development.

Custom .NET development refers to the process of creating custom software solutions using the .NET framework, usually in order to meet specific business requirements. Unlike off-the-shelf software, custom .NET development involves designing, developing, and deploying applications uniquely crafted to address the unique needs and challenges of your organization. It gives you full control over features, functionality, and scalability, ensuring that your software aligns perfectly with your business goals.

A custom .NET project’s duration can vary depending on its complexity, scope, and specific requirements. For a precise estimate of your project’s expected duration, we encourage you to set up a free consultation with us and let us know what you need. 

Your choice of a custom .NET development partner is going to have a significant impact on your project’s success. Look at your chosen partner’s experience, and look for a verifiable track record of successful projects, ideally similar to your own. Check references and testimonials – a history of happy partners(or a lack thereof) can offer valuable insight into their work ethics. Last but not least, evaluate their communication style as you reach out to them. Transparency and effective communication are paramount in custom software development. 

Of course. We understand you want to protect your intellectual property, and we’re happy to help. We’ll ask you about an NDA the first time we discuss your project.