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ai consulting services

AI Consulting Services

Get maximum value from your AI/ML project thanks to a team of experienced engineers, analysts, and product owners

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85% of AI/ML projects fail

An Artificial Intelligence project requires a strategic, data-centric approach. If a company starts an AI/ML undertaking without having sufficient data or resource allocation, the project usually fails to achieve its goals. 

We at Dreamix have 17+ years of experience combining the precision of technology with the understanding of how industries work. As a result, we deliver solutions that bring real value, meet market needs and drive growth. 

Strategic guidance

Ensure your AI/ML project aligns with your business objectives thanks to a strategic roadmap. We’ll analyse your goals and offer actionable advise for achieving them.

Maximized ROI

Make the most of your resources by strategically automating processes, keeping data organized, and meticulously tracking impact. 

Risk mitigation

Avoid project pitfalls and minimize the risks that come with AI adoption. Our team will identify potential challenges in your project and help you overcome them.

Data-driven insights

Harness the power of data to ensure your project’s success. We’ll help you collect, analyse, and interpret data to make the right decisions for your goals.

The character and integrity of all the people that we work with and have met at Dreamix are of the highest order

Graham Cunningham

EMEA Director

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Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities

AI consulting services are designed to help you leverage the latest in AI development to enhance your decision-making, customer experience, and overall operations. 

AI implementation strategy

Effectively implement AI models into your workflow. We’ll take a close look at your business and its needs in order to identify use cases and help you create a plan for the tools you need. 

Generative AI consulting services

Successfully harness the power of powerful gen AI tools for your business. We’ll help you integrate ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, Dall-E, and more, and help you get the most out of them. 

Intelligent automation consulting services

Streamline operations and workflows through intelligent automation done right. Our team will identify ideal automation opportunities and help you integrate the proper solutions to reduce labor, do away with repetitive tasks, and boost productivity. 

Analytics consulting services

Find out how to extract meaningful insights from your data and unlock its potential, from predictive analytics to data visualisation. We’ll offer actionable insights to enable informed decision-making and drive measurable results. 

Digital transformation & automation services

Adapt your operation to the rapidly evolving digital landscape thanks to latest-gen AI tools and capabilities. Whether you want to optimize your business model, enhance your user experience, optimise operation, or something else, our AI-driven digital transformation experts will work with you to make that happen.

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Our AI consulting process

DREAMIX the MIX background 01 - AI Consulting Services
DREAMIX the MIX background 01 - AI Consulting Services

Initial assessment

We begin by conducting an in-depth assessment of your organization, including your existing processes, data assets, and AI readiness. We take a deep look at your operation and identify areas where Artificial Intelligence can bring the most value.

Goal definition

Working closely with you and your stakeholders, we define clear and achievable goals for your AI initiatives. Open, two-way communication is crucial at this stage – we’re defining what we need to focus on and where your priorities lie.

AI strategy development

Based on your goals, we develop a comprehensive AI strategy. We outline the specific technologies, tools and approaches that are most suited to your situation. We also plan resources needed and projected timelines.


If you decide to move forward with our recommendations, we help you create a detailed implementation plan, including milestones, resource allocation, and roadmapping. If needed, we help with AI development and integration, as well.

Tracking and support

We track progress and provide reports to keep you informed on the status of your AI initiative.

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Why Dreamix

We have a demonstrated track record of successful, mutually beneficial partnerships, and many of our partners have been with us for upwards of 10 years. Here are some of the reasons they continue to choose Dreamix: 


We ake the time to understand the challenges you’re facing, and offer solutions that match your situation and unique needs. Our tailored approach to work ensures seamless AI integration with minimal disruption to your daily operations.


We proactively identify and address potential issues ahead of time, as well as spot improvement opportunities. Our team will propose actionable, effective solutions and help you implement them.

Transparent communication

Transparency is a core Dreamix value. We encourage communication and feedback at every stage and make sure you’re aware of the state of your AI/ML project.


If you decide to move forward with our recommendations, we help you create a detailed implementation plan, including milestones, resource allocation, and roadmapping. If needed, we help with AI development and integration, as well.

AI/ML Consulting, short for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning consulting, is a specifalized service provided by software and AI consulting companies. It’s a process where dedicated AI engineers and experts help businesses successfully develop, implement, and/or adopt AI applications to achieve specific business goals.

AI/ML consulting has gained popularity with the surge of Artificial Intelligence capabilities. More and more businesses are recognizing the potential of AI tools, and looking to leverage that for a competitive advantage. However, without the proper expertise, a company may end up investing time and money into an AI solution that ultimately flops, or just isn’t suited to its business model AI consultants dig deep into a company’s way of work, business model, needs and goals, in order to ensure AI development and implementation is aligned with its trajectory.

Like the AI field itself, Artificial Intelligence consulting is a broad and varied field, and it continues to expand. At Dreamix, we specialize in generative AI consulting and development, data preparation, data migration, deep learning algorithms, predictive analytics, machine learning, AI/ML model security, and more. If you need a consultation about a specific aspect of your business, get in touch with us and our AI experts will be happy to help.

We have a developer ranking system that ensures your project is assigned to people with the right level of expertise – both technical and industry-related. Additionally, we run anyone assigned to your project by you first, and you have the opportunity to meet the professionals in charge of your project.