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Business analysis, product ownership and IT consulting services

We help you translate your business ideas into effective technical solutions.

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Our business analysis services are based on best practices and methodologies that deliver

Our team of business analysts, product owners, UI/UX experts, tech leads and software engineers collaborate closely throughout the project cycle to deliver clear and actionable specifications, wireframes, and more, ensuring your project is executed seamlessly and with optimal outcomes.

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If you want to ensure the success of your software solution and avoid unnecessary expenses and delays, we recommend starting with a discovery phase. This is crucial to prevent scope creep and technology roadblocks, especially if you’re launching a new product or feature or entering a new market. Our expert business analysis team at Dreamix will work with you to:

  • define your business needs and objectives
  • conduct a comprehensive market and competitors’ analysis
  • determine the functional requirements of your technology solution
  • create mockups and wireframes to visualise the product
  • outline the preliminary solution scope, including MVP and market-ready solutions
  • evaluate the cost of building the product with a ballpark estimate
  • identify and assess potential project risks to develop strategies to mitigate them.
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In this stage of the business analysis, we work with stakeholders from the company and our development teams to establish the requirements for the solution and determine which product features should be prioritised. This involves the following tasks:

  • assess the non-functional requirements for how the system will operate
  • define the project scope
  • select the best technology stack
  • outline the solution architecture 
  • develop an implementation plan
  • document the solution requirements
  • provide a cost estimate.
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Support and maintenance

We understand that the success of your product continues after its launch. Ongoing maintenance is crucial to ensure your solution continues to meet user expectations and stays ahead of the competition. Our business analysts and product owners can help you analyse user feedback, suggest improvements, and manage changes to make informed decisions and avoid any hasty actions. To ensure your technology solutions remain reliable and effective, we:

  • identify and correct faults in newly built technology solutions
  • conduct user acceptance tests to ensure the solution is meeting the user requirements
  • evaluate the solution for optimal replacement or deactivation of its features

As many as 71% of software projects fail because of poor or inaccurate requirements. Business analysis is crucial in software development as it helps identify and rectify issues early on, saving precious time and resources. It also helps to better prioritize features, elicit requirements, and discover logic gaps. And that lays a solid foundation for any software project.

Denis Ivanov

Lead Business Analyst / Product Owner

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Why choose business analysis and product ownership services with Dreamix

Our business analysts and product owners are versatile professionals straddling the line between IT and the business.

  • They are smart, detail-oriented professionals capable of building solid relationships with our clients and gaining a deep understanding of the business. 
  • They play a crucial role in helping you improve your products, processes and software by leveraging data analysis. 
  • They collaborate closely with you to identify the best path forward. 
  • Whether working with data sets to enhance products, hardware, tools, software, services, or processes, they’ll be at the forefront of driving innovation and change.

Design thinking methodology

our business analysis approach to answer critical business questions fast and launch better products

We use design thinking methodology to leverage technology and meet both user and business needs. Design thinking is an empathetic, collaborative, iterative approach to solving our clients’ business requirements.

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  • Business meetings
  • Initial requirements Q&A
  • Scheduling key discovery activities
  • Proposal for discovery


  • Design thinking workshops
  • Solution vision
  • Proposed user experience validation
  • Architecture validation
  • Implementation roadmap project plan
  • Business functional requirements validation


  • Project management
  • Requirements management
  • Design delivery
  • Product development
  • Quality control


  • Project closure
  • Stakeholder sign off
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Production release

Support & maintenance

  • Ongoing product support and maintenance

Why business analysis is essential for any IT project

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We understand the importance of launching software solutions on time and within the required budget and quality. Business analysis services delve deep into your business needs, goals, and objectives to ensure your IT project is successful from start to finish. Integrating BA into the software development cycle helps you:

Reduce costs

Minimise costs by examining large amounts of data and providing real-time techniques that reduce project expenses in the long run. By removing unnecessary software functionalities, companies can speed up the project and allocate the saved funds towards developing more critical procedures.

Determine risk variables

Identify and eliminate risks to ensure the success of your IT project. Our business analysis techniques help your software development project avoid unforeseen problems and become more efficient.

Improve project outcomes

By involving a business analyst at the beginning, you can achieve better project outcomes, such as a clear understanding of project requirements, effective communication, early risk identification, and stakeholder satisfaction. 

Our business analysis services provide trusted, secure solutions to drive tangible business transformation.