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Work with a team of experienced Node.JS developers. Build lightweight, feature-rich and scalable web applications and solutions

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End-to-end Node.js development

Node.JS is a cross-platform Javascript framework that’s designed for functionality, high performance, and handling requests from many users at the same time. It’s used by some of the most popular industry leaders in the world, such as Netflix, Uber, Walmart, and even NASA. 

We at Dreamix have over a decade of experience with end-to-end Node.js development. Our multidisciplinary teams of designers, developers, QAs and POs leverage a combination of technical and business knowledge to deliver solutions your business needs. 

Node.js can reduce startup time by up to 60%

Node.js is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, widely adopted by developers and companies of various sizes. It’s the driving force behind over 30 million websites and counting. Here are some of the main Node.js benefits: 

High performance

Get web solutions that perform flawlessly, even under heavy traffic. Node.js is engineered for peak performance. Its event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture ensures your web applications run at optimal speeds.


Future-proof your software and prepare to meet changing demand. Node.js works asynchronously and allows for easy horizontal scaling, letting you accommodate more users without disrupting your business. 


Expand your reach with cross-platform compatibility. Node.js’s versatility allows us to develop applications that seamlessly run on various platforms, ensuring your web solutions can reach a wider audience.


Node.js is designed for efficient development and promotes code reusability. As a result, it requires less time for development and testing, reducing your time-to-market and cutting down on development costs. 

NPM toolkit 

Utilize a vast library of packages to speed up development and ensure your project meets your specific requirements. The Node Packet Manager is a treasure trove of reusable components to optimize development while maintaining high code quality. 

Front & back 

The same language covers both front and back end development, which reduces costs, brings down development time, and significantly streamlines the solution’s maintenance. 

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What clients say about us

  • Technical capabilities are a given, but the character and integrity of all the people that we work with and have met at Dreamix are of the highest order.

  • The Dreamix team are very much part of MCO and work seamlessly with our other teams.

  • Superb problem solvers! Worked very well as a team and with other teams! No egos! They take pride in the development of the platform and are extremely technically proficient! Good researchers!

  • “It has been a genuine pleasure working with Dreamix as we have developed ESG360. Not only are they responsive, proactive at work at pace but are also an extension or our team and lovely people to work with.”

  • Their technical skills, coupled with a seamless collaborative approach, not only met our ambitions but exceeded them. I’m truly impressed with their work and excited about the future possibilities.

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Our Node.js development services

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Custom Node.js app development

Create solutions tailored to your business needs and designed for your existing infrastructure and workflows. We have 17+ years of experience getting to know our partners’ operation and developing solutions that deliver real value. 

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Node.js API integration and development

Reinforce your infrastructure with powerful Node.JS APIs. Our experts ensure your systems are communicating effectively, improving performance and enabling data exchange across platforms. 

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Node.js migration services

Seamlessly transition to Node.JS with minimal disruption to your daily workflows. Minimize downtime, preserve data integrity, and take advantage of Node.js’s improved performance and scalability with our migration services. 

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Node.js consulting

Find out if Node.js is right for your project, or identify issues within your Node.js system, thanks to our consulting services. We’ll assess your operation and requirements, recommend the best approach, and help you make informed decisions in line with your goals. 

Our Node.js development process

We’ve been doing this since 2006, and have developed a time-tested, highly collaborative approach to develop and deliver the solutions you need. 

Discovery and analysis

We start by analysing your requirements and the Node.js project’s scope. This is where we discuss your goals, identify potential issues and opportunities, and determine the best approach to achieve your goals. Open communication is crucial to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Design and planning

After defining your objectives, our multidisciplinary Node.js teams map out a comprehensive project plan. We design user interfaces, architect the system, and develop a roadmap for the whole project. 


With a plan in place, it’s time to start developing your solution. In this phase, experienced Node.js developers turn everything discussed and designed in previous stages into a functional solution that follows your requirements. We follow Agile principles to deliver at regular intervals and keep you updated on the progress at every stage. 


Our Agile development approach means testing is an iterative process throughout the project. We use various unit, integration, and system tests at different stages of the development cycle to identify and address issues ahead of time. 

Deployment and support 

We deploy your solution, using DevOps practices to ensure a smooth release. It goes live and becomes available to your end users. We monitor performance, making sure it performs as expected and providing support where necessary. 


The experience of Dreamix in terms of skills and company culture exceeded our expectations.

Kevin Wilson, CTO, Automation Software Dev Company

Why Dreamix

We have a history of long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships, some of which have been going on for over 10 years now. Here are just some of the reasons our partners keep choosing Dreamix: 

Technical seniority

Increase traffic and improve your conversion rates with a smooth and intuitive user interface. Reduce friction points and enhance your solution’s overall user experience.

Expertise matching 

Delight your users with a responsive, intuitive interface. Build loyalty among your audience and keep them coming back with a tailored experience.

Self-managed teams

Work with teams made up of seasoned experts with years of technical and domain experience. That lets them offer valuable insights, notice and address challenges, and turn your requirements into a successful technical product. 

Quick onboarding

A developer ranking system means the right team members with relevant knowledge and experience are assigned to your project. The rank we assign to our engineers accurately matches their expertise level, ensuring they can deliver real value. 

Node.js is a high-performance, cross-platform JavaScript framework, suitable for various projects, known for its exceptional functionality and the ability to handle numerous user requests simultaneously.

Node.js is suitable for, and used by, businesses of all sizes and in all industries. It’s used by some of the most famous companies in the world, such as Netflix, PayPal, LinkedIn, Walmart, and even NASA – as well as millions of other businesses of various sizes.

You can contact us for a no-obligation consultation at any time. We’ll discuss your Node.js project, and how many team members it would require. Depending on the specifics, that might warrant a second meeting with a tech lead. Then we’d evaluate your needs and send you a team recommendation. If you approved of everyone we’ve chosen, you can meet the team and get to know the people assigned to your project. Then the partnership is underway.

A project’s specific timeline varies depending on complexity, specific requirements, and business context. There is no set duration for Node.js development. If you’d like a more specific assessment for your project, simply let us know what you need.