DREAMIX the MIX background 04 - Custom API Integration for Your Business Success
DREAMIX the MIX background 04 - Custom API Integration for Your Business Success

Seamless integration for enhanced business value

40% of companies see application integration as one of their main challenges

The average large company usually uses upwards of 100 different software application systems. Many of those are siloed and work on their own, which hinders data flow and can impact workflows and productivity. 

Our API integration services bridge these gaps to break down silos and bring you increased data accuracy and productivity. At Dreamix, we have 16+ years of experience seamlessly connecting public, private, and composite APIs alike. 

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Benefits of an API integration

APIs let two or more separate systems work together to achieve results normally not available to them. In the large companies of today, where daily work consists of a massive amount of systems working in sync, the integration of APIs isn’t just a bonus – it’s a necessity. 

Whether we’re talking about open APIs by public companies, private APIs for internal use, or composite APIs, integrating them into your systems serves a crucial purpose. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of API integration:

Cost reduction

By seamlessly connecting different software applications, you eliminate the need for redundant data entry and manual processes. This reduces labor costs and minimizes the risk of errors that can be expensive to rectify. Custom API integration make your operations more efficient, and your resource allocation – more effective.

Data Accuracy

API integration ensures your data remains consistent and up-to-date across all systems. When information is flowing seamlessly between systems, you avoid the risks of data discrepancies. Errors are minimized, and you can rely on your data for critical decision-making, ultimately saving you time, money, and stress.

Improved Productivity

API integration streamlines and automates tasks, reducing the need for manual intervention. Your teams can save time on repetitive or cumbersome processes and focus their effort on more critical tasks. At the same time, streamlined workflows and easy information access lead to improved collaboration.

Reduced IT Complexity

API integration breaks down data silos and creates a unified ecosystem. This reduction in complexity means less time and effort spent on system maintenance and troubleshooting. Your IT team can shift their focus to innovation and strategic projects, making IT management more efficient and cost-effective.

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They are very reliable partners with outstanding senior skills, which makes the partnership good.

Roman Ernst

Head of Global Product & Managing Director, Axxiome

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Our API Integration Services

Accessing a different service through an API is often the most effective way to get a key functionality for your application. Our experienced teams are well-versed in creating connections between systems for various purposes in a wide range of industries.

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Custom API development

Do you need to connect services that aren’t exposed to each other? We specialize in creating tailor-made APIs that align with your business requirements and work closely with you to understand your objectives, design, and build the API you need from the ground up.

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Third-party API integration

Seamlessly integrate any third-party API into your existing systems. We provide implementation and full support throughout the process, giving you access to external services and ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience.

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CRM/ERP data integration

Optimize your customer and business data flow by integrating a major CRM/ERP into your operation. We’ll help you synchronize your data with popular platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, SAP, Netsuite, A2000, and more.

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Real-time carriers and 3PL

Your users need accurate real-time tracking. Tap into seamless data exchange and achieve more efficient order processing and supply chain management. Our API integration experts will help you reach major 3PL providers and carriers such as UPS, DHL, FedEX, USPS, and more.

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Payment solution integration

Simplify and secure your payment process with the help of our experts. Ensure smooth and secure transactions and provide a smooth payment process by integrating Pay Pal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe, and other major payment systems in order to achieve your business goals.

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AI and ML integration

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for your operations with our API & AI knowledge. Empower your systems with advanced algorithms for data analysis, prediction, and automation. Drive growth and achieve results through our AI integration services.

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Technology behind API development

When it comes to third party API integration, the most common API type used are Web Service APIs. The term refers to any APIs accessible over the Internet using a web-based protocol. Here are the most popular and widely used Web Service APIs: 


RESTful APIs provide a flexible and efficient way to connect systems over the internet. They facilitate smooth communication between different applications, ensuring seamless data exchange.


GraphQL offers a powerful query language for your APIs, allowing you to request precisely the data you need. This technology enhances efficiency and reduces the data transfer load on your systems.


SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a mature and reliable protocol for web services. It ensures secure and standardized communication, making it ideal for enterprise-level integrations.


XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a versatile data format commonly used in web services. It provides a structured way to exchange data, making it suitable for various integration scenarios.

Why Dreamix

We’ve been doing this since 2006, and we have a verifiable history of successful long-term partnerships, many of which have been going on for 10+ years. Here are some of the reasons our partners keep choosing us:

Tailored Approach

Every business has unique needs and integration requirements. We specialize in understanding your operation in order to deliver customized API integration solutions.

Scalable Solutions

Your business is going to change and evolve. Our API integration services take that into account, and our solutions are designed to grow with you and facilitate your expansion, rather than complicate it.

Seamless Integration

Teams of skilled developers ensure smooth API integration with no disruption to your daily operations. Access the new functionalities and expanded capabilities of third-party integrations without sacrificing performance.

Fast Onboarding

Get your API integration up and running as soon as possible thanks to our time-tested onboarding process. Our experienced teams are trained to familiarize themselves with your needs and start delivering real value within weeks.

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DREAMIX the MIX background 06 e1695196865489 - Custom API Integration for Your Business Success
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What clients think about us

  • To say that we have been pleased with the Dreamix team would be an understatement of comical degree. We have been absolutely blown away by their skill, their work ethic and for going far above and beyond what has been expected of them. Most impressively, while we had initially entered into this engagement with much reservation, we have come out of it not only with the confidence that we are now working with the finest development team in the world, but that we have also found wonderful new friends.

  • Two days after the release we had a company speech where our Accountable Manager said that in the previous night shift we had 45 flights and only two dispatchers, using the new tool, were able to create all the packages in time, whereas with the previous process we could have needed 6 dispatchers. He praised the revolutionary concept of the automation, which decreased the 2 hours of manual work to 30 minutes, which is an average considering short and long flights.

  • VistaJet’s unique business model is supported and optimised by bespoke technology solutions created in collaboration with outsourcing partners. For the past 6 years, Dreamix has been an important part of our extended team, taking into account business challenges and delivering projects using the latest technologies with creativity and proficiency.

  • I’m very happy with the team and with the results they provide. I like the professional and structured way the team organises the work. The implementation of scrum methodology helps a lot to keep track of the project and on the other hand react in a flexible way on the changes that come along. I also appreciate the decisive way of using new technologies and competent implementation of those. I also appreciate the manner of managing the project, professional and still flexible.

  • Thanks for this innovative solution for our reports. The system is all we need, I am fascinated

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