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Improve efficiency through automation, reduce your time to market and achieve faster, more stable software releases. Rely on our 16+ years of industry experience to improve your ROI and gain a competitive edge

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99% of professionals say DevOps services had a positive impact on their organization

DevOps services bring simplicity and speed to optimize the old, inefficient software development process. At Dreamix, we leverage automation, CI/CD practices and a culture of collaboration to bring you stable, high-quality solutions in record time. 

DevOps benefits


Thousands of businesses benefit from DevOps services every day. It’s not just a buzzword – it’s a time-tested methodology that can help you achieve greater speed, flexibility and scalability. Here’s what you can expect to gain from our DevOps approach:

Increased efficiency

Release products faster and improve software stability thanks to continuous integration and development. 

Improved productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and reduce errors. Our DevOps services eliminate clutter to ensure your team can focus on high-value work. 


Enjoy the quick decision-making and team alignment that come with real-time visibility and continuous feedback and improvement


Adapt to growing business needs and changing market conditions thanks to the flexibility Infrastructure-As-Code practices provide

Cost reduction

Avoid expensive reworks, use your resources optimally and eliminate time waste by leveraging strategic approaches

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The DevOps process

Whether you need a new product developed or want to optimize an existing solution, our DevOps services are a proven way to improve production. A DevOps lifecycle ranges from the very beginning of the software development process to delivery and maintenance. These are the stages development goes through: 


Plan and organize what needs to be done


Develop and manage code and project data


Using continuous automated testing, ensure everything works correctly


Manage containers and package up applications and dependencies


Use static and dynamic tests to make sure there are no security risks


Deploy the solution to end users


Manage the infrastructure that’s going to support the application


Keep track of performance to reduce the likelihood of errors and incidents

Tech stack

We use the following software development technologies in our work: 

Why Dreamix

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Dreamix 155 why mobile - DevOps Services and Solutions

Tech seniority

You shouldn’t have to look over a dev team’s shoulders. We take a proactive approach to identifying and tackling related issues and finding opportunities for optimization while working on your objectives. Let us know your needs, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Lightning-fast onboarding

Our streamlined onboarding process eliminates wasted time and boosts productivity. A time-tested approach lets us become a part of your organization and start delivering results in record time.


Increase release velocity, improve product stability and prepare your systems for scaling thanks to an Agile approach to software development. We specialize in adapting to your requirements while maintaining transparency. 

From the ground up

If you need a product or system developed from scratch, our team specializes in end-to-end custom software development that covers every phase of the software lifecycle.

Partnerships that last 10+ years

We understand that a business relationship revolves around trust. With a verifiable history of successful, mutually beneficial partnerships, we’ve helped our partners thrive – and we’ll do the same for you.

Scrum product owners

Ensure development is aligned with your goals thanks to a dedicated Scrum leader who knows everything about your project. A designated, experienced product owner will keep track of market conditions and prepare your solution for a successful release.

Accelerate your success with DevOps services excellence.