DREAMIX the MIX background 01 - Managed Services & 24/7 Support
DREAMIX the MIX background 01 - Managed Services & 24/7 Support

Managed Services Outsourcing

Managed Services was built to ease your daily worries from the burden of operations & infrastructure support. In times where technology is of extreme importance to almost all companies, we can provide 24/7 support so you can develop in directions that are of value to you, without worrying about threats to your system.

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Managed Services Expertise

Our employees have more than 10 years of experience in database and middleware support, and know how to enhance the performance of your environment. For example, we have delivered large scale projects for enterprise customers from Germany, UK and others in fields such as automobile manufacturing and fashion.

Our main portfolio consists of administration of fusion middleware technologies like Weblogic Server, SOA Suite and Weblogic GMS. In addition, we provide support for IBM, Websphere Application Server, MQ by certified engineers.

Private Cloud Implementation Services & DevOps

We know that being up to speed with latest technologies gives you the ability to be the best in your business segment. Our portfolio includes implementation of private cloud in your data center which will give you the security of your data and agility that your business needs.

Having your own cloud will give you the ability to increase the usability of resources in the datacenter and add the required automation level with latest devops practices. For instance, with regular releases and deployments being automated, you’ll dramatically save time for your operations staff.

Our engineers have great experience with technologies such as Puppet Ansible and CFengine. They also took part in extensive and complex projects, including the automation of an entire Disaster Recovery environment, to deployment automation in multiple cloud vendors like Amazon and Azure.

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Dreamix 114 - Managed Services & 24/7 Support

Database Managed Services, Oracle, MySQL & More

Database support is highly important for any business that works with any type of data. We can provide you with solutions in a proactive way, whenever you may need them, including handling backup, performance monitoring, data recovery and change management. Our focus on ITIL methodology and the execution of solutions complying with the highest standards means that your needs will be more than covered.

Our technology portfolio

Middleware and Application Servers
Cloud and Automation

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