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data science services

Data Science Services

Use data-driven insights and solutions to solve your business challenges

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Unlock your data’s insights

Businesses today are dealing with massive amounts of data. Information is constantly coming in from all sources – databases, transactions, various devices and services, social networks, and more. This is what’s known as Big Data, and it makes it near impossible for a modern company to sort through their datasets and extract meaningful insights. 

Data science lets you cut through all the noise. Whether you’re looking for market forecasts, new opportunities, risk mitigation, or answers to strategic business questions, answers can be found in your data – if you know where to look. We at Dreamix have 17+ years of experience creating data-driven solutions tailored to our partners’ specific needs. 

Machine learning (ML) models

Harness the power of your data through deep learning algorithms. Our data science experts will create precise Machine Learning models, identify patterns in massive datasets and help you make informed decisions.

Predictive analytics

Turn your data into actionable forecasts thanks to predictive analytics. We look beyond the numbers to uncover future trends and opportunities, helping you make the right decisions for your situation.

Data pipelines

Build robust infrastructure, eliminate data bottlenecks and gain access to timely data reporting, modeling and analysis. We’ll help you optimise data flow, giving you access to the insights you need, when you need them.

Data visualisation

Turn complex data sets into easy-to-understand visual stories and models. Understand the significant of your data at a glance, and make critical decisions more quickly and easily.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Uncover the power of textual data with NLP. We process and interpret human language, enabling you to extract valuable insights from unstructured content. From sentiment analysis to conversational AI, we bridge the gap between data and conversation, making data science more conversational and human-centered.

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Expertise matching

Our multitalented team consists of experts of various backgrounds and skill sets, which lets us take care of all parts of your project. 


University-educated software engineers and architects to ensure your project is efficient and follows the latest development standards.

Product owners

Scrum product owners and project managers combine industry expertise and business experience with a deep understanding of your project’s needs.

QA experts

Quality assurance engineers conduct rigorous manual and automated testing to ensure optimised, functional and reliable solutions.

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Why Dreamix?

We focus on long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Find out why many of our partners have been choosing us for years:

Lightning-fast onboarding

Eliminate time waste and boost productivity thanks to our time-tested quick onboarding process. Get a software development partner that feels like a part of your own organization and can start delivering within weeks.


Cut down your time-to-market, ensure a functional product through continuous testing, and effortlessly scale your systems thanks to Agile. We’re well-versed in adapting to changing requirements, Scrumming them out, and keeping you in the loop.

Scrum product owners

Ensure maximum efficiency thanks to an integrated Scrum leader who knows your project inside and out. A designated, domain-experienced product owner will offer development advice and make sure your solution is ready to meet market demand.


Trust your software team to identify and point out potential issues in the development process, avoid unnecessary technical debt, and propose the most effective solution for your business needs.

Benefits of data science

DREAMIX the MIX background 01 - Data Science Services
DREAMIX the MIX background 01 - Data Science Services

Informed decision-making

Analyze historical data and current trends, and use predictive analytics to gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of your operation. Use concrete data to decide on the optimal course of action and back up your decisions.

Identifying opportunities

Use data insights to forecast market movements and trends. Identify areas for improvement within your organisation ahead of time and be ready to capitalise on upcoming opportunities.

Improved resource allocation

Make the most of your assets thanks to data-driven solutions. We dive deep into your data to help you find ways to optimise your processes and get the most out of your investments.

Risk management

Stay ahead of potential risks and safeguard your operation’s integrity. We’ll use data analysis to identify potential future risks and help you develop strategies to mitigate them.

The Dreamix process

Our data science services follow a time-tested process to ensure optimal results for your business:


We use data-backed decision-making to define system requirements, choose technology stacks and agree on priorities, goals and milestones.


With data in hand, we design solutions that match the specific situation. We model the user experience, prioritise features, design software architecture and plan for development.


This is where we bring your data-driven solution to life, following the latest industry practices and development standards.

Delivery and support

We release the solution and monitor its performance. Our team stays by your side, ready to help any potential process transition, tackle unexpected issues and ensure a smooth release.

“They take pride in the development of the platform and are extremely technically proficient!”

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